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Jerry Stewart is an author, a speaker, and a syndicated radio program producer. He and his wife, Kelly, have a network of over 400 radio stations all across America taking their feature programs. Jerry is heard each day on his “One Moment in America”, and his special patriotic holiday programs have been airing now for over 17 years. Jerry is a Christian who believes that America was born by God, and grown by God-fearing people who asked Him to help them grow it – and He did. But Jerry also believes that America as a nation has now turned its back on God, and that is why today we are in so much trouble and turmoil. He believes that without God directing and leading our America, we will/are losing our greatness. All of Jerry’s writings and commentaries are written to move you to a deeper walk, a deeper commitment, and to stir you to action. Do not miss what this man has to say.