Much of New Mexico has fallen into the hands of Satan…….now look at what is happening in Texas! Christians have lost much ground to Satan. What ever happened about carrying out The Great Commission? So many Christians stay within their walls, their little comfort zone. Remember now, just 4% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview. Only 37% of Pastors in America have a Biblical Worldview. Many so called Christians kicked the Great Commission to the curb. The Great Commission is a command from JESUS! When is the last time you have heard a sermon on the Ten Commandments? I am very perplexed with a Church on about every street corner in America, the Church is failing.

From The Christian Post:

Publicly funded universities in Texas are offering courses about witches, black magic and the supernatural under the guise of women’s studies. Among the bunch is Texas Tech University’s “Witches, Bruxas, & Black Magic” course, which includes topics such as “ritual, symbolism, mythology, altered states of consciousness, and healing.” The University of Texas, meanwhile, is offering a “History of Witchcraft” course, which includes studies on “Worship of the Devil” and demonic possession. Read more.

Savage Wolves A brutal week is ahead for New Mexico and Texas, Temps around 100 or more, Texas Power outages are ongoing. More Here and More From FOX Weather

Threat of power outages in New Mexico, more Here

Saving lives with new AccuWeather HeatWave Index

Here is the latest wildfire in New Mexico:

Evacuations have been ordered for Spring Canyon and Chance Loop, according to the Bonito Fire Department. More »

New Mexico Fire Info

NM Drought Monitor

U.S. Drought Monitor

Please check on the elderly, the homeless are also going to have a tough time in this weather. I also see a spiritual drought in New Mexico. Are You Spiritually Dry?

America is Dying!

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