He is Jealous for me!


God is jealous, and the Lord avenges; The Lord avenges and is furious. The Lord will take vengeance on His adversaries, And He reserves wrath for His enemies;

Nahum 1:2 NKJV




One of the greatest tragedies of our modern day is we do not know who God is!


We get trapped into believing that the only characteristics the Father has is love, grace

and mercy.


We have put limitations on His whole character.


We usually don’t learn about God fully because in our society we want the Church to be comfortable and feel accepted.

We want to be told that everything is good. We want to hear we are blessed and highly favored. Not knowing or understanding that there is so much more than His love, grace and mercy.

Somehow we skip over some of God’s greatest most important characteristics.


One of His most beautiful characteristics is


Yes, jealousy.


The definition of jealous is to be intolerant of rivalry or unfaithfulness, fiercely protective or vigilant of one’s rights or possessions.

If you believe that God is your creator, if you have taken the free gift of Salvation through Jesus. You are no longer a child of wrath but a child of promise,His promise!

We are all made in His image, but not all belong to Him until the decision is made to receive His Son,Jesus Christ of Nazareth!


This is when He becomes Jealous for you. At that moment you are under new ownership,His ownership! And He refuses to share your heart with any other or anything else. It’s not because He is selfish and wants us all for Himself. He knows the type of loyalty it takes to submit to His will and lose yours. He knows what the cost is to serve Him. And The Maker of Heaven and earth will not spare to protect what belongs to Him because we are His cherished possessions.


Jealousy is a sin if it means being envious of what others have and wanting to take it.

Jealousy is good and right if it means cherishing and protecting. It is caring for what we have and wanting to protect it at all costs.


God is not jealous of us,He is jealous for us. There is nothing that we have that He wants except our hearts!


Why would this be a bad thing?

Any good man would do everything in his power to protect his wife and children. It’s out of love and loyalty. It honors the commitment he has made to them.


In the book of Hosea, the Lord makes an amazing statement. He said that He is “married” to Israel.

The Lord made a covenant relationship, and any breaking of that covenant would cause His jealous love to come down. The faithfulness to keep His end of the promise has never gone away. He will not share His people with false gods any more than a husband would share his wife with his neighbor.

God is jealous of His people. There is no man, false gods, no army, no principalities, nothing that can come and overtake what belongs to Him.

Then it says the Lord will take vengeance.

Who does He take His Holy Vengeance on? We need to understand that no one can fight against God and hope to win.

Everyone who sets themselves against the Lord will end up receiving His vengeance. As time is drawing short we will see this more and more. Society is turning away from God and kicking Him out of everything. There will be a few left standing, the ones that stay faithful and true.

This will be the ones that have made Jesus not just Savior but Lord. The pure in heart. The ones that understand that there’s only One way, One Truth and One Life. Those are the ones that will be kept under the wing of His protection.


Be that one!


Let me ask.

Is God jealous for you?


Is there anything in your heart or mind that may cause His wrath of vengeance to come down. Are you one that He is fighting for or fighting against?

Is there something or someone in your life that takes His place?

Spouses, children, work, hobbies, anything other than Him? If you are concerned about this at all, you must seek His Holy face and ask Him to reveal to you what it is.

He reserves the wrath for His enemies!

Don’t be His enemy. Don’t be His adversary!

Instead insure that you are grafted into the Tree of Life. Be covered in the Blood that His Son Jesus shed. Walk in His Righteousness. Lean not on your own understanding. Follow Him to the ends of the world! Proclaim Salvation, Redemption and Restoration through the same Son!

Be His child!

Then trust that the Father of Heaven will live up to His promises to protect and save.

Everyone that proclaims the Son should want the Father to be jealous for them.

This is one of His greatest characteristics!

The Jealousy of a loving Father who is fiercely protective over His children!

Father be jealous for me!


Pastor Ed

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