Too many Christians love to be in their comfort zone. I touched on this yesterday in my message at ‘ Too many Christians love to be in their comfort zone. I shared a bit on this yesterday at ‘The Way, The Truth and Life Ministries’ in Grants, NM. We must carry out the Great Commission, we must share JESUS with all! From the grocery store, post office, bank, restaurant, wherever you may be. America is falling apart rapidly. There is much Kingdom work to do! What are you waiting for? Hit the streets! We must be soul savers for JESUS, You and I do not not save souls, only Jesus does, but we need to help bring people to Him. We all will have to answer to JESUS. Are you bashful about sharing JESUS?

To me, many are just watching this 15 alarm fire of America burning down and saying, “there is nothing I can do about it.” What a shame. What will America look like in the next 12 months?

Henri Nouwen writes: “One of the greatest human spiritual tasks is to embrace all of humanity, to allow your heart to be a marketplace of humanity.” He adds: “Somehow, if you discover that your little life is part of the journey of humanity and that you have the privilege to be part of that, your interior life shifts. You lose a lot of fear and something really happens to you. Enormous joy can come into your life. It can give you a strong sense of solidarity with the human race, with the human condition.”

How effective are you for Jesus? People are going to die today. and many do not know JESUS!

I will fight for the LORD and our children and grandchildren and all people till the LORD calls me home!


God calls us to be uncomfortable. So many of us desire to be used by God, but then we say “well, except for that, Lord.” I’m reminded of the part in the Bible where some men wanted to follow Jesus, and He was like, well, come on! But one guy had to go bury his family member. Another had to go tell his loved ones goodbye. It’s like, all these guys had excuses, and we can be that way too.

We want to serve the Lord, but we also want to remain comfortable. I mean, we’ll go on a week-long mission trip to a third world country, but how many of us would sell everything and stay if God asked us to?  More Here


The last command of Jesus Christ before he ascended into heaven deals with taking the gospel to the whole world, and as a coming gathering in Amsterdam shows, some believe they can complete that Great Commission in our generation. Dr. Billy Wilson, president of Oral Roberts University, is leading that worldwide effort called Empowered21, which began in 2013. “Our big vision, which is that every person on Earth would have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit by Pentecost, 2033,” Wilson explained.

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