For Darlene



Teacher, counselor, defender, provider, protector, advocate. Encourager, evangelist. Totally self-giving of every ounce of her being. Not self seeking. Always ready to go to battle for the flesh of her flesh!




These are just some of the titles that a mother must take on!


A mother never stops being a servant. She shows the same love, kindness and compassion that is shown to her by Her Savior!

She guides them towards Righteousness.

At the end of the day the only reward is to see that the Lord has put His Mighty hand on them and covers them with His mercy and grace! She prays that the Holy Spirit of God guides them!


It is through the roughness of the storm. The sleepless stressful nights. The worrisome days.

It’s hoping and praying that Jesus has His hand on them and they too have accepted His free gift of Salvation.

Through those cries and prayers of a righteous mother, He hears. She turns to Jesus to provide the calmness of heart, wisdom, knowledge and discernment that she so desperately needs everyday to finish the job the Lord has put in front of her,but that job never ends until her last breath.

She is always looking out for their well being, physically, mentally and spiritually.

She feels every hurt and experiences every joy.

She values the treasure the Lord has lent her! She does her best to refine them and polish them to make them invaluable!


She is the time keeper. The organizer, the preparer.

No matter the hurt and pain that she goes through she still loves, unconditionally just as Jesus has taught her!


She has lived a life to show them that there is Salvation in the Son of God. That He hears their prayers. She lives each day with faith that her Lord provides. She depends on Him to be her foundation, fortress and strength.

She teaches them by living her life with Hope! That through the hardships. In the trials. Through the tribulations this world and life offers there is something so unimaginable coming that it can only be from her Savior!

And she clings tightly to the promises the Father has given her in His Holy Word! She so desperately does everything in her power to pass that on to her children.

She lives each day with not just the hope but the promise of Heaven! They watch and see how their momma lives her life.


They have no idea how blessed they are to have a mother that takes everything to the Throne of God in prayer!

Even when they don’t see. Even when it all goes unappreciated. Even when she is taken advantage of. Even when they come against her. Even when they refuse to listen. Even when they cause pain to her heart, she turns the other cheek, in love she still pursues them, just like Jesus taught her!


The hardest thing for a mother to do is to leave her children in the same Hands that she rests in! But she knows that she has no choice but to do it. She has to have the same trust that the Mighty Hand that holds her will also hold them!

Then her Lord brings her comfort and rest. Then He strengthens her. He gives her wisdom, discernment and knowledge. He heals her heart. All so she can do it again tomorrow!


The hardest job with the greatest reward.

When she sees them coming around to the same Saving Grace that she has, peace settles in. Because they are the only ones that have ever physically heard her heartbeat from the inside! She can’t even start to imagine being in Eternity without them! That is why she is so persistent! Out of love but also desperation!


That’s what a Godly mom does!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you!

Love you!



Pastor Ed



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