My Mom! Ruth Irene Moede! This is her high school graduation picture! I miss her so very much!

A woman of God is first and foremost a daughter of God. Becoming a child of God happens through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. My Mom, Ruth Irene Moede had the most underlined Bible I have ever seen in my life! Underlines, notes written on the side……Better yet! She applied the Bible to her life and taught us the same!

I also share in this message my love for single Mom’s.

Please listen to my message. If you have any questions or need help please always contact me at

I also want to share these messages with you:

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

For Every Mom:

My husband asked me what I would like for Mother’s Day, and I couldn’t really think of anything special I’d like to have.

Sleeping in would be nice. Breakfast in bed would be nice. Flowers would be nice. And really, considering what my days usually look like, I guess those things would all be pretty special. More Here

From Shonda Savage Whitworth:

Can I be Happy on Mother’s Day?

On Mother’s Day, where ever mom’s go they are certain to be greeted with “Happy Mother’s Day.”

I get it—some of us moms may not feel happy and may not think we can ever be happy again as long as we have a child locked away in prison. More Here

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