Pictured is my Mom, Ruth Irene Moede! LOVE HER! MISS HER! She shined JESUS! I love this picture with her and her confirmation book! Mom’s Bible is all marked up! Verses underlined in red! Notes all over the sides! MOM WORKED HER BIBLE AND APPLIED IT TO HER LIFE AND SET AN EXAMPLE FOR US KIDS FOREVER AND EVER! My Mom and Dad were the best ever! Such role models! This is one reason why ministry is so important to me! I want to help all families grow up with JESUS!

My high school buddy John Lesch from Windom, Minnesota shared this on Facebook:

Life Doesn’t Come with a Manual, It Comes with a Mom. Happy Mothers Day.

My Mom!

From our Dear Sister Betty Fritz: I have recently witnessed growth in the Lord from my son who is sharing it with his son and trying to make a difference to those suffering without Jesus.  Last week he reminded me of how I used to talk about Jesus in front of his friends and how he was embarrassed by it at times, but he thanked me for doing it.

A Mother’s Greatest Blessing

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