Wonderful message here from The Baptist Press! I pray more denominations would have a newspaper!

NASHVILLE (BP) — Terry Fant talked about getting tired, not from the Gospel itself, but undeniably what is required in being a pastor.

“Oftentimes we grow weary, and we just can’t tell anybody,” said Fant, of Hickory Ridge Baptist Church in Florence, Miss. “We just sorta keep pressing on.”

Fant spoke as a testimonial for Pastors in the Outdoors, an outreach of REAL MOMENTUM Ministries. His words reveal something many active in such ministries have known for years – the benefits of getting outside include much more than fresh air.

Keith Boggs, founder/executive director for REAL MOMENTUM and co-founder of Pastors in the Outdoors, speaks at as many as 35 churches a year for men’s events. Another 10-15 churches show up at his group’s regional gatherings. He and others lead 6-7 men’s retreats annually throughout the country—from Nebraska to Michigan and all the way down to Florida. More Here

Only Half of Pastors Are ‘Very Satisfied’ in Their Calling! NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO RETREAT!


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