Have you noticed the signs of hope all around us lately?  I see it every day in the news, on Facebook, and in my personal life too.  God is speaking to His people and they are responding in a big way…much bigger than for a while there anyway.  For too many years we have remained silent while Satan and his followers have made decisions and changes in our society that many of us have found hard to live with.  What a difference can be made when God’s people who are called by Him begin to pray according to His will and stop being afraid.

Right now, we are seeing revival happening in many areas and hearing the stories of hope and salvation.  If you watch the short Reels and videos available on Facebook, many of them are short sermons that send a meaningful message about God and insights as to How He works in our everyday lives.  Hope and encouragement are found when God’s people speak up and step up.  Even the movies like “The Jesus Revolution” are taking top billing at the box office and it thrills my heart to see this happening.

My friend Brenda and I were recently discussing these positive signs of hope and change and she sent me a link to a group who are planning several marches for Jesus across the country. I told her of a march we had in Elkhart, Indiana probably in 1991 or ’92 when we met at the school on Bristol Street and marched down Main Street to the plaza, which is several blocks.  I have no idea who the organizers of this event were, but the people were so excited to be there and to ‘walk for Jesus.’

Leaflets were handed out with lyrics to several well-known hymns.  We followed a truck equipped with a loud speaker and music, singing the hymns as we marched along.  Today as I recalled this event again, it put me in mind of Jesus’ last entrance into the city of Jerusalem.

Luke 19: 28-40 tells how Jesus sent two of His disciples to fetch a donkey that had never been ridden and bring it back to Him.  If anyone asked why they were taking the colt, they were to tell them, Because the Lord has need of him.”  They did, as requested, and people gathered into a huge crowd, as always happened when Jesus was present.  Some placed their coats on the animal’s back and Jesus sat atop them as they proceeded down the street.  People began to sing hymns and praise Him as they marched. Some lay their clothes along the path as a show of respect and honor.

They were praising Him so loudly in fact, that it disturbed the Pharisees who insisted that Jesus ask them to be quiet.  Jesus replied to them, ” I tell you that if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

We are witnessing a movement of God’s Holy Spirit across our land and it will not be stopped unless He allows it to be.  So, we might as well join the crowds and sing His praises.  As I heard someone say the other day, “Satan only fears a living God.”  Jesus is alive and just as involved today as He was when He walked the streets of Jerusalem… so let’s see that Satan is defeated in his efforts to silence us.  Hope, like Jesus, is alive and well…and its signs are everywhere!  Let’s look for the signs in our own lives… and give Jesus the praise.


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