Back in the day……we called this message ‘tough love.’

I pray that you will share this with your Pastor, all Church leaders and congregants! I have stated over the years I am sick and tired of the scarcity of children and young adults in many Churches. I also see such a decline in baptisims in Churches, (How many baptisims has your Church officiated the last 3 years?) no children’s Sunday School, and sadly, a decline in Church attendance. Many good points are made here! Too many Churches are just hanging on with 10 to 20 folks. Leave your walls! Its called The Great Commission!

PS: I had a man from New Mexico tell me he had not witnessed a baptism in the Church he attends in 8 years!

I had a Pastor tell me here in New Mexico that he had not seen a baptism in the Church he left in 5 years!

And people wonder why we have such a movement of Satan in our communities.

My goodness!

From Lifeway Research:

We can’t lament the increased secularization of communities while assuming a ministry model designed for Christian culture will be effective.

By Scott McConnell

As Christians, we are noticing religious attitudes and beliefs changing in our country and local communities. As individuals and as church leaders, we must adjust our ministry model accordingly.

We cannot continue to lament that our communities are becoming more secular while assuming a ministry model designed for a predominantly Christian culture will effectively reach them. More Here

Desperate For The Presence of God

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