All this is way above my pay level. In my simple mind, It just shows me again, man is destroying himself. The majority of the people in the world do not believe in God, they think they are smarter than God. They will get a wake up call someday from God, He will have his way with all of us. I am thankful me and Sharon are not of this world. So many want to play God. I actually think man is becoming more stupid.

Billy Hallowell of CBN Reports, we are so very thankful for the reporting of CBN and Billy!

The startling pace at which artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are growing is sparking alarm, discontent, and concern among analysts, with some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent names rising up to call for a pause before such advances propagate severe societal damage. More Here

‘Got Questions’ states: Key to understanding the idea of artificial intelligence is carefully defining terms such as intelligence; in popular depictions of AI, more common terms are variations of smart or smarter. Computers often appear to be intelligent, when in fact they are performing extremely low-level thinking extremely quickly. They aren’t actually smart; they are just capable of doing certain tasks in less time than people can. There are some tasks they cannot do at all. If a person defines intelligence in a way that eliminates concepts such as morality, emotion, empathy, humor, relationship, and so forth, then the phrase artificial intelligence is not so meaningful. More Here

Desperate For The Presence of God

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