My Favorite Right is Life!

March 14, 2023

Hello Everyone,

We have 3 and a half days left of this legislative session. This session has been one of the most destructive to life family faith and our Constitution. Representative Liz Thompson said she was putting in a plug for a year-round legislative session. I thought as I sat in the committee when she said this, you all do enough damage in just 60 days. God forbid that this would happen. We must be vigilant because if she has stated it, this is what they will be pushing for.

HB 7 has passed both the House and Senate and is waiting for the Governor’s signature. As of today, it had not happened. SB 13 has passed the Senate, but it is in House Judiciary. This bill is especially egregious because it not only promotes abortion, and transgender transition, but is an attempt to silence all of us. I have news for them. WE WILL NOT be silenced.

The greatest thing that has taken place through this session is that there are more Pastors and their churches, and new Pro-life groups have emerged. The Cavalry is rising and I for one am grateful.

Although we continue to fight for the rights of the unborn, after this session we pause to catch our breaths. We have done what we can do, now we wait on God for those things we cannot do.

Thank you for all you do for the cause of life.

My Favorite Right is Life!

God bless,

Ethel Maharg

Executive Director


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