In  the Gospel of John Chapter 5 Jesus encounters a man that had an infirmity for 38 years! We aren’t told what or why. But it doesn’t matter.

And I can imagine that Jesus stooped down in kindness,gentlness and willingness . And He asks the man “do you want to be made well” !

But the man made the excuse that no one had put Him into the pool to be healed. Jesus saw this man’s physical condition and the condition of his heart.

Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.”

Or the women that had the issue of blood for twelve years. She touched His Holy Garment as He passed by.

” who touched my garment”. Jesus asks. And in a crowd of many people He knew in an instant the trust and faith of this women because His healing power went out from Him!

And she trembled before Him! Maybe embarrassed, maybe expecting a different response. But Jesus heals her immediately!

He didn’t ask these people just to ask what their need was. He doesn’t ask them  because He doesn’t know their needs. He is all knowing and all seeing.

He asks to make sure that they, and we are willing to confess specifically before Him! He knows exactly where we are and what we need.

He wants us to come to Him with a willing heart to meet the willingness of His!

There is something about faith and trust that no man can understand or explain. Our Faith is pleasing to the Lord. Our trust in Him shows our love. And it’s through these two  that opens His ear and heart to hear our cries when we cry out to Him in prayer!

No matter how many times we touch the Holy Hem of His garment. No matter how many times we ask Him for forgiveness, healing and restoration, His power to do it never reaches a point to where He cannot do it. When it comes to the healing power He offers it is limitless and unending.

So make it personal today. Be specific. And let  trust and faith be not just in our prayers but in a devoted life to live though the love of Jesus because of our faith and trust!

Pastor Ed



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