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Caution to critics! It is not good idea to get in the way of GOD!  There are those out there that are attempting to throw at wet blanket on the fires of revival in America! UGH! Some folks love to split hairs.

Long-time Pastor Don Kimbro: I have tried to rely on credible sources to tell me what is taking place. Of course, there are also the outliers, who have suddenly come alive with criticisms in their attempt to dissuade the rest of us that this could not possibly be “of God.” I have noticed that they are, for the most part, of the “cessationist” camp. More Here

From The Gospel Coalition: Jonathan Edwards delivered “The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God” at Yale’s commencement. This was the beginning of Edwards’s effort to biblically discern the signs of true revival. Some of the college faculty had already begun to oppose the revival as chaotic and censorious; meanwhile, some of the revival’s leaders (including Whitefield and Tennent) were quick to suggest that ministers who didn’t adequately support the awakenings were themselves unconverted. This obviously didn’t sit well with the pastors and professors so accused. More Here


Revival is in the air!

Reports from Asbury University are so very encouraging! Since last Wednesday, there’s been 24/7 prayer, worship, testimony, confession of sin, Scripture reading, silence, and more in the chapel at this Kentucky school. People from across the United States are flocking to the campus to experience what God is doing.

One of those who attended is evangelist Jon Burdette, my good friend and co-conspirator in the advancement of the Gospel.

The Spillover Effect of True Revivals

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