I am excited by what I read and hear about the current revival that is taking place at Asbury College in Kentucky which has, since it’s inception, also spread to several other Christian college campuses and increases daily. Since I am not there, I realize I can’t be totally objective. But in my many years of experience as a pastor and revivals, both corporate and private (some real and some a sham), I believe I do have some ability to discern what is taking place.

I am old enough to remember the outpouring of God’s Spirit at the same college in 1970, which by the way, many believe as I do, spread at the time to California and led to the Jesus Movement. As a side note, it’s interesting that the movie, “Jesus Revolution” is premiering on February 22, and speaks of that awakening among the youth of that era, many who became notable pastors and teachers across America and started many churches that continue to be alive and active.
I have tried to rely on credible sources to tell me what is taking place. Of course, there are also the outliers, who have suddenly come alive with criticisms in their attempt to dissuade the rest of us that this could not possibly be “of God.” I have noticed that they are, for the most part, of the “cessationist” camp. At any rate, I believe what is happening, if it is of God, will prove itself for all to see who have “ears to hear and eyes to see” (Matthew 13:16). In layman’s terms, “the proof is in the pudding!” 
In closing, let me say this, “Oh, how we need our younger generation to come alive in the Spirit of God and teach and remind us older folks, that God is alive and far above our heralded denominational traditions. We need revival in our land more than ever. The best thing we can do, if we can’t go and be there, is to pray for the students and ask God to keep this Move growing and not allow recalcitrant hands from trying to stir the pot and take it over.” 
Galatians 6:7 — Maranatha!
Photo is of Pastor Don Kimbro

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