Will our children ever have a normal school life? What is normal? NO VIOLENCE! NO INTERUPTIONS FROM LEARNING! My radio buddy Grant Kuck used to say, “Dewey, normal is just a setting on the dryer now.” We are failing our children. Did you read the story about the 14-year-old girl in New Jersey who was beat up in school? This precocious soul then killed herself! I carry her picture in my mind everyday! America!!!! I MOURN HER DEATH! My precious wife Sharon was crying in bed last night at all the violence in America.

Dr. Ryan Denison reports: As Kate Woodsome writes for The Washington Post, “Kids are unwell. Worse than ever recorded, according to two new reports tracing depression and suicidal thoughts and behaviors in teens. . . . But if we want to make any lasting difference, it is us, the adults, who need an intervention.”

We also pray for all parents, school teachers, police, fire, and EMT’s. I do not know how these folks do it! Pray for them!

After Teen’s Suicide, a New Jersey Community Grapples With Bullying. 

Teen Suicide

This is what took place in New Mexico yesterday! My goodness! COME JESUS!

Several New Mexico schools receive hoax shooting calls

New Mexico Legislators Are Swimming in Opposition Messages! PARENTS’ RIGHTS MATTER!

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