Fulfilling the Great Commission in Every Generation

FGGAM Photo. We thank Charles Stanley's ministry for helping us with ministry tools as we carry out The Great Commission. This photo is from our trip into Arizona sharing JESUS! JESUS! Pastor Dewey was wearing his 'Ask me about Jesus' shirt, and this lovely asked him if he knew JESUS! What a conversation starter! JESUS!

Pictured above is a lovely lady working at a store in Arizona. She asked me “What about that Jesus?” I had on my sweatshirt that says, “Ask me about Jesus.” I will have to post a picture of that sweatshirt. It was a gift from Vickie Tucci from Windom, Minnesota, Vickie gave it to me when I was back in Windom doing a revival. Her hubby Jim used to wear it. Jim was known as a true man of God. Vickie said I was the man that should be wearing it now. The shirt is a great conversation starter. Sharon and I were on our Great Commission trip this year from New Mexico to California and back. We also did a Great Commission trip to Wyoming and a bit of Montana and South Dakota. FGGAM is a Great Commission Ministry, that is what the LORD called us to do over 10 years ago. Sadly, I beleive that the present day church has failed big time by not carrying out the Great Commission, not all churches, but way too many. The mission field is so very ripe here in America! Too many preachers love preaching to the choir! That’s a whole sermon! Would you pray about helping us with our mission, please?

I have to add that we now have “ASK ME ABOUT JESUS” T-Shirts! Also the lovely lady pictured above was given a Charles Stanley CD. The CD is about living a Biblical life. We are so very grateful that Charles Stanley’s ministry supplies us with ministry tools. We are also thankful for Maria at Screen Images in Albuquerque for donating the “ASK ME ABOUT JESUS” t-shirts. PTL!!!

Making disciples involves crossing generational barriers. To realize the Great Commission, disciples must engage every generation around them.

By Aaron Summers

Going to all the nations involves extending the gospel invitation to everyone outside one’s usual relational circle. When Jesus gave these instructions before ascending to the Father, He was not the keynote speaker to hundreds of would-be missionaries. Jesus was not trying to increase the mission brand.

Instead, Jesus was conversing with a group of friends who would go and change the world. He charged them with taking the gospel to everyone they encountered. The disciples were to extend the range of the mission to include Gentiles without ceasing the mission to Israel. To extend to the Gentiles was to take God’s love to those outside their regular circles and go into uncomfortable areas of morals, ethics, and lifestyles. More Here

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