Did you watch the debate? I did. What are your thoughts? If you missed it, here is a link to the boxing match:

I think so many, like me and Sharon are sick and tired of the character assassination, “attack ads”, and political bias. Last night was like a boxing match, Ronchetti would swing a punch and Lujan Grisham would then take a swing. I don’t know if this debate had any effect at all on voters, I doubt it. Not impressed at all. They sure duked it out! A disservice is being done to the voters of New Mexico by the media not having Libertarian candidate Karen Bedonie included. KOB and KOAT have not included her. We need a third party in this country. The two party system is broken in this state and all across America. Bedonie has some really good ideas, New Mexicans deserve to hear all sides. If I still was managing KKIM radio in Albuquerque, I would have had all three at the round table in the studio. Yes, it does take more time off the clock, but this is for the publics interest. EXTEND THE TIME! I for one have heard enough ‘nothing noise’ over the years from the DEMS and GOP! Dr. Jim Denison puts it this way: “What politicians and political parties do over time defines them far more effectively than platforms adopted at conventions or speeches made at rallies.” The two party system in America is run by MONEY!!!!! NOT THE PEOPLE!!! Look where it has us…on the verge of HELL! The Only Cure for America. Both Lujan Grisham and Ronchetti did not answer the tough questions: Santa Fe New Mexican: NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR’S DEBATE Lujan Grisham, Ronchetti trade sharp barbs, deflect on tough questions in final debate Read Papa Bill’s message in his post titled: The Political State of Affairs in New Mexico.

Last Nights New Mexico Gubernatorial Debate

Listen and Follow One Voice

The Christian Post Reports:

A new poll reveals that swing voters prefer candidates who focus on economic issues instead of abortion, with less than one month remaining until the midterm elections.

Conducted by Schoen Cooperman Research, the poll asked voters in 85 swing congressional districts about their thoughts on political issues facing the country and their intentions on how they plan to vote in the midterm elections.

Schoen Cooperman Research, co-led by frequent Fox News guest and Democrat pollster Doug Schoen, defines a swing congressional district as one that the nonpartisan election handicapper Cook Political Report rates as either a “tossup,” “leaning” or “likely” to support one party or the other.

Poll reveals swing voters are focused on economics

I asked Pastor Bill Ruhl, who is also the Vice Chairman of FGGAM, to share with us his thoughts about the condition of New Mexico and all of America.

The Political State of Affairs in New Mexico

 When asked to write on the political state of affairs in America and New Mexico the word “Mess” immediately came to mind. Throughout my combined 30 years in this state I have been all too aware that the populace here, and throughout the nation, pays very little attention to the moral fiber of its candidates and spends equally little time investigating their actual stance on issues or their commitment to serving all their constituents once in office.
   The debates, ads, and media coverage rarely focuses on having constituents informed on where candidates actually stand on important issues (that would require some level of actual accountability which sadly and, seemingly, intentionally doesn’t exist), but instead are based on character assassination, “attack ads”, and political bias that don’t benefit the listeners’ understanding of future policy decisions in any way. If ever America and New Mexico needed real “fact checkers” it is during every campaign season!
   So, unfortunately, we have become a populace lulled into apathy, voting along family tradition, discouraged with the political theater that surrounds us, and demonized into accepting the dire straits we find ourselves in… Day after day and year after year.
   New Mexico is today at the very bottom statistically in every worthwhile bracket. Oh, forgive me, we have our top brackets too: crime, abortion, drug trafficking, homelessness, homicides… Need I say more?!
    We have an opportunity for change New Mexico. Instead of listening to slick political ads and slanted media coverage or outright omission, Do Some Homework! Study the issues and investigate the true values of all the candidates. You will find that “facts” change to suit the individual’s platform and audience at any given time. If you want more of the same then listen to the “facts” being presented by a two party system working together to say it’s so. Truth, however, is consistent day after day and it is passed time that New Mexico and America discovers the “Truth of the matter” in this year’s political environment.
   Candidates are aggressively seeking monetary donations to support their campaigns, but it is time for an awakening to who these people truly are, both candidates and donors. There are so many special interests “investing” in their selected candidates, therefore, we need to invest “targeted intercession” as our campaign currency to influence the hearts of voters to support only those with righteous intent.
   We need the camouflage of the Spirit as we engage in this battle, that we might ambush the enemy and thwart their evil plans. The battle is mine and the victory is mine says the Lord, but my people must humble themselves, repent, and pray if I am to heal their land.
It’s time to study to show yourself approved as you vote this November. Don’t be duped into the “same-o, same-o”. The future of New Mexico and the nation depends on You!
Blessings, Pastor Bill Ruhl “Papa Bill”


PLEASE VOTE!!! BUT PLEASE PRAY!!! Written By Pastor Leonard Navarre

When Jesus had a very important decision to make, he spent an entire night in prayer before the selection process.

Luke 6:12-13  (NLT). 12 One day soon afterward Jesus went up on a mountain to pray, and he prayed to God all night. 13 At daybreak he called together all of his disciples and chose twelve of them to be apostles. 

Since we are again entering a season of elections, we have a great opportunity. We will be making decisions as to who will lead us and our country.  I pray, that we will give much time to prayer and fasting as we vote on these leaders and in some places amendments.

When Jesus was looking for leaders to take his message not only to Jerusalem but around the world He spent an entire night in prayer before that selection process.  When I think about those apostles, I know I probably wouldn’t have voted for them or selected them.  They didn’t stand out and they weren’t of the upper class.  Some one has suggested they weren’t even very faithful of the Torah.

But Jesus, after spending an entire night in prayer, voted and chose these 12 ordinary men who then went out and changed the world.   They took this new message, THE WAY from Jerusalem to Galilee to around the world.

So, friends as we enter this election cycle, may I  give you a few suggestions.

  1. Pray, pray, pray.  Maybe spend an entire night praying before entering the voting booth.
  2. Fast, Fast, fast before you enter that voting booth.
  3. Evaluate the candidates not by personality, but by character and principles.  Do their beliefs line up with God’s Word?
  4. Think about the long-term outcome of our decisions.
  5. Get a sample ballot early.  Study the candidates and look up their web sites to study their beliefs.
  6. VOTE!  VOTE!  VOTE!  Maybe, pick up friends to go vote with you.  Some people have a hard time getting out to vote.

Every election is important!  In our constitutional republic we have been given an awesome responsibility.  The opportunity and privilege to vote.  There are nations in our world who don’t have the opportunity to vote in an open election.  Some are even coerced and forced to vote a certain way.

So, friends, please don’t take this responsibility lightly.  EVERY ELECTION IS IMPORTANT!  SO PLEASE, GO VOTE!

I am praying for you and your family.
Leonard Navarre

Lubbock, Texas

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