My Dear Freind and Mentor Pastor Leonard Navarre shared this story with us at FGGAM back in 2013. It is still read to this day. Several years ago I heard the story of a young brilliant concert pianist. He was giving his first professional performance of his career. As he play skillfully and brilliantly the audience sat in rapt attention, absorbing every note. Finally at the end of a magnificent performance the audience exploded in a standing ovation. In the midst of the ovation the young pianist left the stage shoulders downcast, crest fallen and dejected.

The stage manager came to him full of congratulations and praise but the young musician remained despondent. “I am no good” the young man exclaimed. “It was a failure”. The stage manager responded, “nonsense. It was tremendous, everyone is on their feet and applauding, except for just one old man.” The young concert pianist replied, “yes, but that old man is my piano teacher.”

This story should remind us that our service to Jesus Christ is to be motivated by one factor and one factor alone; Our love for the Master, His Word and His approval.

There is only one cure for America

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