Lives continue to be destroyed by drugs all over America. We expect our children to learn in the present day environment in our schools? These evil drugs have invaded our homes, schools, and streets across our country. It is getting worse. I was visiting a church in Albuquerque last week and they are battling the problem of drug paraphernalia on church grounds. How do we expect our children to learn in school? Many have no support at home. With the break down of the American family, many children are lost. I see the results of it at all the funerals I do, families split in many ways, fours and threes, it is a horrible situation. Many children never get a chance at a good life. Many never have a chance to step into a church, as their parents do not train them up, because they were not trained up. This a generational problem in America. It is not a political issue, it is a heart issue, hearts for JESUS. America has a severe JESUS problem. America needs a Great Awakening. We are destroying ourselves. The destruction starts at home.

Made me sick to my stomach when one student told KOB TV that “it’s Rio,” and “Typical High School Stuff.”

We have failed JESUS and our children miserably.

JESUS WEPT. John 11:33

KOB TV Reports:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Multiple students were recently rushed from their school to a hospital after taking drugs, according to Albuquerque Public School officials. They confirmed that there were two incidents Friday at Rio Grande High School.

Multiple students rushed to hospital after taking drugs, Albuquerque school officials say

The El Defensor Chiefton Reports:

Two Socorro High School students have been found with fentanyl on the campus in the last two weeks.

This is the first-time fentanyl has ever been found in a student’s possession while on campus at one of the Socorro schools, said Superintendent Ron Hendrix.

Socorro school board worries over fentanyl

More than 1 Million Fentanyl Pills Seized in Albuquerque Operation

Department of Justice Announces Results of Enforcement Surge to Reduce the Fentanyl Supply Across the United States

New Mexico Ranks Last (Again) In Reading & Mathematics

Thank you FAITHWIRE and Billy Hallowell for this message!!!

Singer Danny Gokey took to Instagram this week to warn Christians about the dangers of drifting away from biblical truth and embracing culture’s counterfeit lies.

“I believe the most dangerous thing that can happen to a believer is very subtle, and sometimes you don’t even catch it,” Gokey said. “What am I talking about? ‘The drift.’”

The singer then proceeded to give an analogy to better illustrate this move away from eternal truth.

Danny Gokey Breaks Down Hebrews 2 and the ‘Most Dangerous Thing’ Christians Now Face


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