California has many serious problems right now, drought, heat wave, water shortages, fires, and electricity challenges. We are praying for rain and the end of the fires, relief from the heat and solutions to the electrical supply problems. How on earth is this state going to ever going have electric cars? I just don’t see it happening there and elsewhere. Makes no sense to me. California bans sales of gas cars as of 2035


LOS ANGELES (AP) — California will face its highest chance of blackouts this year as a brutal heat wave continues to blanket the state with triple-digit temperatures, officials warned Monday.

As people crank up their air conditioners, the state forecast record levels of energy use that could exceed supply Monday evening, said Elliot Mainzer, president of California Independent System Operators, which runs the state’s electrical grid.

California facing chance of blackouts amid brutal heat wave

Cal Fire Info

U.S. Drought Monitor


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