My Testimony to You From National Day of Prayer and the Importance of Fellowship!


My testimony to you all from National Day of Prayer and the importance of Fellowship!

I have known the folks at Amistad and Heights for about 18 years years now. I was first introduced to Pastor Don Kimbro, who at that time was Pastor of Heights. I got Don started in radio ministry on KKIM Christian radio here in Albuquerque. Don knew that I wanted to play softball and he introduced me to Phil Arndt, coach of the Heights softball team. I was so blessed to get to know the men of the team and the Church leadership. This is when I a met Pastor Mark Scales, who is now the lead pastor at Heights. Awhile later Pastor Don introduced me to Pastor Jose Luis Cardona of Amistad Church, and another blessed relationship started and I ended up playing and coaching for the Amistad softball team and still do to this day! The softball program is to minister to men, to build up men, introduce men to Jesus, and fellowship with other teams. It is a tremendous ministry field.

I bring this all up, as my roots go deep into these two Churches. Last night I was able to worship with these wonderful folks at the National Day of Prayer service they held. WOW! It was the spiritual shot in the arm I needed. It has been a tough road for me the last two and a half years by doing so many funerals, even two a week, for young and old, too many parents losing children. With all my other duties, it just has worn me down at times. BUT! BUT! The Lord and Amistad and Heights Christian really gave me a spiritual shot in the arm last night during the service. I was blessed to pray with Russ and Holly Holloman as we went to the different prayer stations. Fellowshipping with them really pumped me up! I met so many friendly folks!

It is so important to belong to a Church, to have a body of Christ to fellowship with. I pray that if you are looking for a Church, you will look at Amistad and Heights, who share the same facility at Comanche and Louisiana in Albuquerque.

One final, BUT important note! The worship team led by Javier Gutierrez was so very awesome! The singing was so precious, it preached to my heart, soul and mind! My batteries are recharged. Thank you folks for blessing me so very much. Your music and songs preaches to the heart!

I am also including a picture of Pastor Don Kimbro, who has been healed from cancer. Don is one of my mentors, I have learned so much from him how to be a man of God and Pastor. Don exhibits what it means to be HOLY, as does his precious bride Dorothy. Don told me years ago one of the problems with the America Church is that it not baptizing enough people and raising them up to be mature Christians. Don is in his 80’s and still baptizing people, carrying out The Great Commission. I want to be like Don when grow up!

What is the importance of Christian fellowship?

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