Do Not Bypass Your Grief


I have officiated so many funerals over the last 2 1/2 years, more than in the last 13. God has taught me so much about Himself and also about people, and about myself and the ministry of FGGAM. So many funerals, so much sadness, I have has some sleepless nights. I hurt for all the people losing loved ones. The Lord is calling many home at this time, young and old. I have officiated too many funerals of children. Parents burying their children is so very heart breaking. I carry many of their faces with me even today. I tell people to love and forgive. Love as Jesus loves you. Live your life so that at your funeral, even the undertaker cries. We grieve hard, because we love hard. The love of Jesus overcomes everything!

I also have lost over 30 friends in the last 2 1/3 years…….Heaven is a prepared place, are you prepared for heaven?

Tears heal…….do not hold back your grieving…….

Do Not Bypass Your Grief

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