We live with sadness but we must not live in sadness.

A recent poll shows that the majority of Americans do not approve of both the GOP and the Dems. Amen to that! Majority of Americans do not approve of the Dems and GOP Both parties have failed the American people so much in the last 7 years. Politics has become so very hateful, the American people are left behind. So many Americans are in so much pain, anguish, anxiety, depression and on and on. So many Americans do not have faith in the government. I understand that, politicians have lied to me in the past, used me in ways that make me so sad, one politician yelled at me and threatened me. I started out in radio news in 1978 at the Minnesota State News Network. My last years in Christian radio at KKIM in Albuquerque taught me much about politicians, Pastors and just people in general, who called themselves Christians. I have become very careful when it comes to politics. I am an Independent. FGGAM is not affiliated with any political party. Sharon and I use our God given discernment. Anybody that has to call other people vulgar names, uses foul language treats women badly, is lost. Here in New Mexico we have a strong group of Christian politicians in state government, but they are out numbered.

I have said for years that America needs peacemakers, we have not had that for years and years. The GOP and Dems are represented mostly by hate makers. The last 7 years divided America so very much with hate speech, such bad behavior, the Capitol insurrection caused me much heartache, and still does. I still beleive many people do not know what great damage that has done to America. Being a Peacemaker can be messy business. I know. Many will hate you. They pretend to like you, but deep down they detest you. As we said ‘back in the day’, they fake their friendship, they try to get what they want from you. We all need God’s given discernment. We also need to remember the one and only TRUE, PURE PEACEMAKER IS JESUS!

Vet your political candidates with God’s Word, look for the fruit in every candidate. Do they have a Pastor? Many do not. Do they attend Church? Many do not.

I want to share with you this excellent message about Peacemakers:

Being a Peacemaker is not easy

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