Most Catholics, Mainline Protestants Say Faith in God Not Required to Enter Heaven


Pastor Don Kimbro altered me about this story today! I thank all those that give me alerts! I am so very sad at this new report! We always bring you a Biblical Worldview. America is a mission field for sure! One of my dear friends said, “Missionaries are needed here in America.” We must carry out The Great Commission until JESUS returns!


By Leonardo Blair, Christian Post Reporter FacebookTwitter

More than three years after Pope Francis sparked a firestorm of religious debate by telling a young boy that his deceased atheist father might still end up in Heaven, a new study from the Pew Research Center shows a majority of Catholic and mainline Christians also believe people who don’t believe in God will go to Heaven.

Data for the study, conducted Sept. 20-26, was collected from a nationally representative sample of 6,485 U.S. adults.

Pew researchers decided for the first time to tackle deep philosophical questions like the meaning of life, the purpose of suffering and why bad things happen to people. The national study was released amid a backdrop of major life-changing events for many, most notably the coronavirus pandemic which has claimed millions of lives globally.


Most Catholics, mainline Protestants say faith in God not required to enter Heaven

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