Living conditions in America are worsening because of many issues. We as a nation began going down hill very fast in the last 6 years. Politics has taken a great toll on our Country. We fight with each other, others live to hate others…. Politics is the playground of Satan. I do not know if I will ever get over of so many Christian leaders standing with evil politicians. This did great damage to the Bride of Christ. It has chased many from organized religion. I KNOW I HEAR FROM MANY FOLKS! Satan is thrilled. Lawlessness is increasing more rapidly now. So many Americans have not grown up in a Christian family and Church. Many were never given the opportunity, because their parents do not know better. They where unchurched. We have lost generation after generation. This started to happen years ago. Now we are paying a deep price for the Church in America not fulfilling the command of our LORD, THE GREAT COMMISSION. Jesus has all the answers for us in His Word, but too many Christians don’t pay attention to JESUS and His commands. How about the teaching of the Ten Commandments? All the issues we face as a Country and World are Spiritual. JESUS! is the only answer! Brazen robbers hit small businesses and big box stores

If you think our heroes, Law Enforcement Officers, can save us from this madness you are dreaming. This is a total society meltdown. It is not right to put all this on Law Enforcement, they are overwhelmed. I am so very, very thankful for our Law Enforcement Officers, I say to Sharon all the time now, Who would even wat to be a Police officer in America? Watch the TV program Dash Cam’ and you may get a deeper appreciation of what they go through!

Here in Albuquerque we have set a new record for the number of murders.

I always lay my hands on Sharon and pray over her each day she leaves for work and talk with Gretchen after her night shift at the Hospital. I stay in touch with are other kids daily and pray for them and our grand babies always! Love like Jesus, Team Jesus! We are living in a very dangerous Country. Satan is having his with with more and more everyday.

Best Buy store in Minnesota looted by 20-30 suspects; all get away, report says
A flash mob of 20 to 30 suspected looters struck a Best Buy electronics store in Minnesota on Black Friday and managed to get away before police arrived, according to a report.

Read in Fox News:

Mobs of looters are grabbing goods in California thanks to downgraded shoplifting laws

Why are flash mobs looting stores?

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