I have never understood people who are rude to nurses, or people who are rude period! I am a defender of nurses! We have many in our family! Sharon, Gretchen and Tina! We have many problems in America, more than ever, the most since the Civil War. Many Americans have been dumbed down, blinded by Satan and do not know Jesus and the history of our Country. We are  very deeply divided. Hate never solves anything, it only pours gas on a raging fire. COVID is one of the things that has divided this Country. We must get this hate under control. So many take it out on people who are trying to serve people! People like nurses, who are God’s angels to help His people, need our love more than ever.

All of us who serve people need more love and support than ever. We must take care of the those on the frontlines! Police, Fire, Rescue, EMT, Doctors, Nurses, Pastors, the entire service industry from truck drivers to grocery, drug store, restaurants and more…you know the list right? Do people see JESUS in you?

New Mexico is losing nurses fast, but why?

A Prayer to Encourage and Strengthen Nurses

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