Gardening Tips For This Warm and Dry Winter in The Desert With Pastor Dewey


The folks who visit FGGAM often, will know that I am an avid gardener here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We have many trees, bushes, rose bushes, grass, sunflowers, etc… I get excited when people ask me how to I keep them all so healthy and green, Sharon says it is my Minnesota ‘green thumb’ LOL! I have taken what I learned years ago from my Daddy to the desert of New Mexico! I met with a master gardener when we moved here in 1995 so I could adapt my style to the desert. This has been a tough year, the strain of the lack of rain is stressing my trees and bushes, more than ever. I just had them all trimmed down, a good haircut to promote growth and now I am deep root watering them. I then will fertilize and put down a good top soil and mulch. I do this every year. I am late on this because the weather has staying so warm, I have had more time to work on them. I encourage to deep root water this winter at least twice a month as long as we are in this very bad drought. Remember, once you see your trees, shrubs, etc…dying….it could be too late. Prevent disease: trimming, mulch, good top soil, fertilizer and water. Take care of what God has given you. Know a few experts that can help you along the way, God has given me people to help me. You can do what I do and not use a lot of water, you just have to be smart about it, listen to God, the Master Gardner!

I have to add, gardening is my hobby, taking care of the beauty God has given me and Sharon. It really connects the both of us to God closer than ever to work with His creation, from the hummingbirds that come around our Bird of Paradise, and Rose of Sharon to the bees that love our Sunflowers….the birds that love our bird feeders and water…gardening and softball, and running and walking Daisy keep this man young at heart! Thank You Lord for my life!

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