The “Coincidences” Surrounding the Assassinations of Presidents John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln


The “Coincidences” Surrounding the Assassinations

of Presidents John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln


On November 22, 1963 President John Kennedy was shot to death on the streets of Dallas, Texas. For those of alive then, that event was so tragic, so devastating, ask anyone where they were, what they were doing at that moment they heard the news and they can tell you exactly. All of the circumstances surrounding his assassination were strange and mysterious, but after he died, something else very strange and mysterious surfaced. Here’s what happened.

In November of that same 1963, not long after the assassination, there appeared in print a mysterious list of facts related to his death. The origin and author of this list are, to this day, still unknown, but, despite the mystery of its origin, the contents of this published list were so fascinating, so amazing, that the list took on a life of its own.

But just what was this list all about? It was a simple comparison list of certain facts as related to the lives of President Kennedy and our 16th president Abraham Lincoln. And, on its surface, the comparisons in the list were compelling. Was it possible that the “similarities” in these two men’s lives could be just a coincidence, or was there some eerie connection between these two men that could not be simply written off as chance or happenstance?

So, just what were the coincidences of these two presidents’ lives which are so amazing? Here are the most popular 15 comparisons which have withstood the test of time and the numerous efforts to debunk the list since it was first listed.


  • Both presidents, Kennedy and Lincoln, were elected to the presidency in ’60, exactly 100 years apart – Lincoln 1860, and Kennedy 1960.


  • Both presidents were elected to the U.S. House of Representative in ’46, once again, exactly 100 years apart.


  • Both Lincoln and Kennedy were runners-up for the party’s nomination for vice-president in ’56.


  • After their assassinations, both of their presidential successors were Southern Democrats with the last name of Johnson, Andrew and Lyndon – both born in ’08.


  • Both presidents were concerned with the problems of American blacks and made their view strongly known in ’63. Of course, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 bringing freedom to the slaves here in America, which became U.S. law in 1863. In 1963, Kennedy presented his reports to Congress on Civil Rights. (Many of the naysayers took exception to this comparison saying that President Kennedy had done nothing exceptional as related to civil rights)


  • In their assassinations, both presidents were shot in the head. (Naysayers argue that the head is usually the intended target in any shooting; but the similarities of the two headshots cannot be denied)


  • Both presidents were shot in the presence of their wives. What a horrible experience for each wife to have to endure.


  • Both presidents were shot on a Friday.


  • Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theatre. Kennedy was shot in a car made by Ford, a Lincoln limousine. (Now, admit it – that is very weird!)


  • Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy who told him not to go to the theatre. Kennedy had a secretary named Evelyn Lincoln (who was born 100 years after Abraham Lincoln, and whose husband Harold’s nickname was Abe), and she warned him not to go to Dallas. (Naysayers argue that there is no record of Lincoln ever having a secretary named Kennedy. This fact has never been proven)


  • Both of the presidential assassins, Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth, were killed themselves before they could be put on trial for their crimes of murder.


  • The two last names, Lincoln and Kennedy, each contain 7 letters.


  • Lincoln and Kennedy both have five syllables in their full name. (Naysayers argue that for this coincidence to be valid, one must count Kennedy’s middle initial. So, this coincidence is actually not valid)


  • The names, John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, each have 15 letters and 3 words.


  • The two succeeding vice presidents, both Johnson, each had 6 letters in their first name.


Now, since this list was first published in 1963 it has grown to as many as 40 coincidences. Quite a number of these newly added facts are quite a stretch – some not true at all. This has caused some to doubt the truth of all the listed facts – but the fact of these coincidences cannot be refuted.

So, the real and pressing question of these coincidences is this – How did it happen? Why has it happened?

When you have the answer to those two questions, let me – let us all know the answer. Until then,

Let the Facts Stand or Fall!

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