NM Supreme Court Rules Against Governor Lujan Grisham on Spending of American Recovery Act Funds


FGGAM just received this news release:

The case before the Supreme Court today was a litmus test on whether this state will continue to kowtow to and allow one politician to make decisions without the voice of the people,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia). “It is interesting that even the Governor’s judicial appointees have decided in favor of the people’s voice, not to mention the five Democrat Senator’s that bucked the inaction by their party leadership to fight for the people. It saddens me that our colleagues in the House of Representatives failed to stand up for the voice of the people, but it is our hope that this puts them and the Governor on notice that we will not be silenced when it comes to representing the people of New Mexico. We are grateful for the court’s decision today and hope this restores some of the balance of powers our state badly needs.”

NM Senate Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca, Issues Statement Following Favorable Ruling by New Mexico Supreme Court

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Supreme Court today ruled in favor of the New Mexico Legislature in a lawsuit against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, brought by Senator Greg Baca (R-Bernalillo and Valencia) and Senator Jacob Candelaria (D-Bernalillo). The ruling comes after months of debate regarding the Governor’s unilateral spending of federal American Recovery Plan Act (“ARPA”) funds without legislative authorization. After hearing arguments from all parties, the court ultimately sided with the legislature and put a halt to the Governor’s illegal spending.

Senator Baca released the following statement applauding the ruling:

“In one of the most significant rulings in decades, the New Mexico Supreme Court today preserved the appropriating authority of the legislature and affirmed the separation and balance of powers enshrined in our Constitution. As legislators, we are the representative body of government and we are accountable to our constituents for the spending of their tax dollars. The Governor’s attempts to assume unilateral control of our state by bucking the authority of her office and the state constitution are an egregious power grab, and we are thankful that the high court has ruled in favor of the people.”

This comes after this:

This is horrible! More proof Governor Lujan Grisham has the Supreme Court in her hip pocket! They always go with the Governor! This is very, very dangerous! Shame! The Governor and the Supreme Court need to be removed! New Mexico is not a democracy.
FGGAM just got this news release from the New Mexico GOP:

Santa Fe, November 17—Today the New Mexico Supreme Court took unprecedented action to ban NM Republican Senate Leader Greg Baca from the courtroom in a landmark case against Gov. Lujan Grisham.

The ban came as Baca was about to address the High Court in a case over the Governor’s illegal disbursement of federal pandemic money.

Baca, an attorney and a lead plaintiff in the case, was denied access after he respectfully declined to share his personal medical information with court staff. Requests by Baca to appear remotely or by phone were also denied, and the Supreme Court Justices offered no additional accommodations.

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce issued the following statement this morning in response to the Court’s action:

“Sadly, it comes as no surprise that a court comprised of Democrats and governor-appointed Justices would ban the lone Republican plaintiff in a case against the Governor. No citizen should be denied lawful access to the judiciary, and the Court should immediately rescind this absurd, discriminatory policy. The Justices not only banned Sen. Baca from the courtroom today but they banned his constituents and every New Mexican who stands with him in this effort to preserve our constitution and protect the principle of checks and balances in government. This is a devastating day for the reputation of the New Mexico Supreme Court.”

More from Today:

This post will make me even more unpopular in this state. I do not care! I am here to serve my God, His people and not politics and the evils of this world! We all are going to have to answer to God for what happened ‘under our watch’. To my fellow Pastors: “Don’t talk responsibility, take responsibility.”

I am so sick and tired reporting on the deaths of babies in New Mexico that are killed by their parents. I have said for years the state needs to ‘blow up’ CYFD and start over. It is like pouring money down a rats hole. NM Child Abuse Deaths Double. Both the Dems and GOP keep funding this dysfunctional system. TIME TO START OVER!!!! Way over due! Both parties wear this failure! IT IS ALSO TIME TO END ABORTION IN NEW MEXICO!!! I am thankful that the legislators quoted below are speaking out about this horrible, horrible death! BUT let the talking stop and the ACTION START! GOP Governor Susana Martinez did nothing about CYFD and Dem Michelle Lujan Grisham has done the same. My point is, both parties have got to stop talking about this AND DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!! STOP THE POLITICAL ‘NOTHING NOISE’ AND STEP UP AND TAKE ACTION FOR GOD’S BABIES!!!!

Valencia County lawmakers respond to tragic murder of 1-month old boy

Los Lunas, NM – Valencia County lawmakers today responded to tragic news of the murder of a 1-month old child. According to the Valencia County News-Bulletin, the mother has been charged with an open count of murder. The Valencia County Sheriff told the newspaper that deputies and CYFD had responded to a call to the home the week prior to the tragedy. It is unclear why the initial call to the home, in which the mother expressed concerns of being “overwhelmed and did not want to hurt her children,” did not result in CYFD removing the children from the home. 

I am heartbroken to learn of the loss of such a young life in our community, in a situation that CYFD seemingly dropped the ball,” said State Representative Kelly Fajardo (R-Los Lunas). “This is yet another example of New Mexico’s broken system. Valencia County Sheriff’s responded and made the right calls to get CYFD involved, yet there still was a critical failure in protecting these children.”

The tragedy this week should be eye-opening to our community, we need to do more to protect our children in situations like these,” said State Representative Alonzo Baldonado (R-Los Lunas). “The cracks in the response from CYFD are massive and only seem to keep growing. At some point we as a community have to ask when is enough, enough?

More from Today:

Can it get any worse….yes…for sure. We live in a lawless America, a godless America, more people are leaving the Church than ever before in our history. There are more Americans with no religious affiliation. It is conventional wisdom today that all truth is personal and subjective. As a result, sharing Christ in public is viewed as the imposition of our beliefs on others. I was having a conversation with my Sister Deb yesterday on how wore down I am from all the ugly and she hit the nail on the heard, “The last 20 months has been a very hard time for all.” I see know end to the chaos in America. I know business that already have changed their hours because of the lack of help and increase crime. I have people tell me they had to quit their job because they were traumatized by a knife or a gun during a robbery here in Albuquerque. What a world we are leaving our children, it breaks my heart.

Death of infant in Valencia County raises questions

Bernalillo County district attorney wants stricter gun crime laws

In a murderous year in ABQ, gunplay leads to record deaths

Fast food restaurants take security into their own hands

My heart breaks at this death of this little boy….how can New Mexicans and all Americans live with themselves?? I’m pouring my heart out to you all…what are you doing to help God?…look what we have created….a world that kills babies. A baby…….a baby….God created this little boy……Here in new Mexico we abort babies all the time…..God’s babies……this is a living nightmare……but yet for many, its business as usual……

We must not become numb to these tragedies, this evil……..I have never seen such evil until I moved here to New Mexico. I have lived in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana and since 1995 here in New Mexico. Sure the other states had problems, but to kill babies??? Not like New Mexico through abortion and parents killing their own through murder, like just what happened in Los Lunas. 1 month old boy killed by Mother in New Mexico What makes New Mexico so violent? The people of New Mexico really need to focus on the cause. This is not a Dem or GOP problem this is the ‘peoples problem.’ Why so much death? Why so much child abuse and hunger? New Mexico has long had one of the worst rates of child food insecurity in the country. In 2020, 26% of New Mexico children experienced food insecurity, which is up from pre-COVID-19 levels of 22%. … In 2019, 25% of New Mexico children lived in poverty, which is the third highest rate in the country. NM Child Abuse Deaths Double New Mexico has led the nation in all these ugly things. It seems to me, many ignore this. Abortion, so many babies are killed every month. NM Abortion Clinics See Influx from Texas I am wore down from all the children being killed in this state. So many here in New Mexico are not of God, just like in America. Stop now, and pray for what God would have you do. If Jesus gave out report cards, in my mind, the Church in New Mexico and all over America would get an F. We all are failing God.

Sharon and I will continue to stand in the gap for God’s babies and all people ass we go forth carrying out THE GREAT COMMISSION in love. We will continue to build bridges of love and trust in the world. We will speak to the evils of this world in the love of JESUS! We will hold the Church accountable for its failures.

Our children are paying a deep price for the failure of us adults to provide them a better world.

Politics is not the answer JESUS is!

God created New Mexico with all His beauty and we have created a cloud of death over His creation. Shame on all of us.

Sharon and I will continue to go against this dysfunction, even in the Church until the Lord says no more.

We both are very tired.

From Adrian Rogers:


No man ever got a better start than King Saul. And no man ever had a sadder finish than King Saul. When we first meet King Saul in the Bible as a young man, he’s handsome. He’s winsome. He’s courteous. He’s humble. He’s thoughtful. But as we continue through the Bible, we find he becomes a bitter, envious, murderous, wicked, old man. He died by his own hand. He died sadly, piteously, and embarrassingly.

But we should learn from Saul because the thing that happened to Saul could happen to any person. He gave himself over to certain influences, and the devil moved in, and in Saul, we see the finished product of the devil’s art. As the Bible reminds us at many points, it’s not how you start but how you finish. Saul had the right start, but he finished poorly because he turned away from God.

  • When was a time you started something well but finished poorly?
  • Would you say your life is moving toward God over time or away from Him? What needs to change?


Write out a list of your priorities. Write what really matters to you (not what you think should matter). Objectively review this list and assess whether these priorities will move you closer to or further away from God.

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