The Secret Hiding Place!



“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”
 (Psalm 91:1)

Who doesn’t love a secret?!   When I was very young, we kids that played together in my neighborhood had several secret hiding places.  We might have a new one each week.  What fun we had taking it easy and giggling in peaceful and joyful whispers in our very own hiding place.  We would watch the cares of the world go by from our shadowy place of secrecy.

Corrie Ten Boom had discovered ‘the Hiding Place’ from the notorious Ravensbruck death camp during her experiences with the Holocaust.  She found that love was a more powerful force than hate.  God’s loving presence cannot be shaken or conquered.

— There is a secret place in the presence of God; a secret because when you discover it, it becomes your place with Him, one that you do not desire to share with others, neither do you have to.   It is a place where you can abide, dwell, remain in as long as you desire.  It is an intensely spiritual place that nearly every believer fails to find, but it is entirely easily reached because of the blood of the Lamb, Jesus’ pure sacrifice for the world.

There can be no safer or more peaceful dwelling than in the shelter of the Most High God.   Beloved, it is your committed, consistent closeness with the LORD that you seek, pursue it with total abandonment.  It is a deep trusting love as no other; a place of sensual calm and oneness with your LORD.   It is a communion with God having only love, as a motive . . . you want nothing but to be with Him . . . time is naught.   It is a private, intimate, revealing place of prayer for the humble in heart.  It brings peace, rest, and trust to the one who has found.

When you find it through seeking, it becomes your praying without ceasing place in secret.  You may live there wherever you are . . . Pray On, in Yada!

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