I love marrying people! I was blessed to marry Mr. and Mrs. Steven Minor years ago….I love this picture because of the JESUS SMILES OF LOVE!


By Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter

Higher percentages of Americans view marriage as being “old-fashioned” as just over half believe that marriage is needed to create strong families, according to an annual nationwide survey released on Tuesday.

The findings from the 2021 American Family Survey were revealed on Oct. 12 by Deseret News and the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University. The poll was conducted by YouGov, which initially interviewed over 3,200 respondents between June 25 to July 8 but drew results from a final dataset of 3,000.

Dating back to its inception in 2015, the survey aims to shed light on the experiences of Americans in their relationships, marriages and families and how those experiences relate to a variety of current events and public policy issues.

Fewer Americans think marriage is needed to create strong families, new poll suggests

Churches key to advancing ‘next Great Awakening’ by fixing broken families, marriage experts say

I have been calling for TRUE REVIVAL for years, over 15 years……We are failing Church to reach the lost! We are losing our Country! It starts with God and family! We need to unite! NO POLITICS!!!!!!! I read this post at about 3:30am today and it clearly shows that the Church needs to come together, drop the detonations, get out of the walls into society!! So many denominations are filled with strife. It seems to me that many Churches have turned into a social club, like when we were kids we built clubhouses and if you did not belong to ‘our club’ you could not come in. Here at FGGAM I work with people that are looking for a Church. Many tell me that the Church they left became to political. The Bride of Christ always needs to FOCUS ON GOD AND HIS WORD! The Church is being ineffective in America! Satan started ripping the fabric of the family apart back in the 60’s and here in 2021 it is worse than ever. We do not need anymore high school pep rallies, we need TRUE REVIVAL! AMERICA NEEDS A GREAT AWAKENING! Why can’t people see the scoreboard??? We are way behind and we are in the 4th quarter and Satan is taking many with him. There is the greatest shaking going on in America since I was born in 1956. What are you going to do about it? Only God saves, not politicians! JESUS! JESUS! Can’t you see?

Much of the Church has lost its salt and its power, which comes from God. Power of God

From Our Daily Bread: So why aren’t we seeing and experiencing more of God’s power in our own lives?

One important reason is that God uses His power on our behalf to accomplish His perfect will. If we are honest, we are not always open to that particular option. We can’t order God’s power in our life like a sandwich at a café. His power is ultimately a reflection of His will, so seeking His power in our lives is really seeking His perfect will. We ask Him to intervene in our lives in powerful ways when we encounter obstacles to accomplishing His will. Only through Christ is our greatest weakness the gateway to God’s greatest demonstration of power in our lives.

Our personal transformation and holiness: One of the saddest things in the world is a Christian who is convinced that he or she will never change. Our sin nature is powerful, and it takes nothing short of God’s power in our lives to gain the victory. It requires nothing less than the resurrection power of Christ. But because transformation is God’s will for us, He will provide the power if we ask for it (Romans 8:18–30; 1 Corinthians 15:35–50; 2 Corinthians 3:7–18).

More on God’s Power

I will preach this until God says no more……

Churches key to advancing ‘next Great Awakening’ by fixing broken families, marriage experts say

Fewer Americans think marriage is needed to create strong families, new poll suggests

I am here to comfort the inflicted and inflict the comfortable……

So many Americans, including so called Christians, (I use the term, ‘so called’, because the number of Christians that hold a Biblical worldview is down to 6%) are fooling themselves that everything is going to be okay without JESUS! REVIVAL! REPENT AMERICA! REPENT CHURCH! NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL PEP RALLIES!!!!!!! STOP BEING FOOLS! This is serious business! Lives are at stake, America is in ICU! Be a soul saver for JESUS! Carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION!!! STOP THE ENTERTAINMENT CHURCH! WE ARE FALING GOD!!!! Many Pastors have their blinders on as do parishioners!

Many, like myself, keep sounding the alarm for America, but it continues to slip into hell. America will even be worse in just 3 months. America may exist in another year, but unless REVIVAL takes place, I hate to think what we look like! Many watchman on the wall have sounded this alarm for over 17 years! I remember myself and my Pastor friends on New Mexico News and Views on KKIM talking about the need for another GREAT AWAKENING IN AMERICA! The Church in America needs to STOP PLAYING CHURCH AND BE THE CHURCH! America has become such a foolish nation, that is what happens when you leave God, YOU BECOME A FOOL! So, once again we see hoarding going on in America, grocery stores running out of items. Foolish behavior, people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. NO JESUS, NO DIRECTION. EQUALS HELL ON EARTH!

If you think this is going to get better without JESUS, you are a fool! America has been so foolish to think we can ‘live happily ever after’ and kill God’s babies.

‘Revival or We Die’: Why America Needs Another Great Awakening

JESUS! is the only answer! Politics is the playground of Satan. Satan has divided America more than ever since the Civil War! he playground of Satan! Many Americans love their politics MORE THAN JESUS!!!!!! They let Politics rule over their life! SHAME! It is a religion to many.


By Richard D. Land, Christian Post Executive Editor

Are ominous signs revealing deep divisions in American society serving as harbingers or warning alarms that the nation’s continuing unity is truly imperiled?

There are certainly multiple reasons for deep concern. The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics has published a survey revealing that 41% of President Biden’s voters believe that the nation is so hopelessly divided that they think the nation needs to be divided into “blue” nation and “red” nation. Sadly, 51% of President Trump’s voters agree with them.

When you drill down on the survey the results are even more ominous. If you add 41% of Biden’s voters (=38 million) with 52% of Trump’s voters (=38 million), we are confronted with the fact that 71 million Americans who actually voted in the 2020 presidential election are ready to give up on the American experiment. Their disdain and hostility toward their fellow countrymen, and their lack of tolerance of their differing convictions, have now reached the point of advocating national divorce.

Is America headed for a national crack up?

The Crisis of Leadership in American Evangelicalism


This is part 1 of The Christian Post’s article series on the Crisis of leadership in American evangelicalism. Read part 2 here. Read part 3 here.

Regular readers of The Christian Post are well aware of the moral failures at the highest levels of evangelical leadership in the recent past. Formerly revered figures such as Ravi Zacharias, Bill Hybels and Mark Driscoll and earlier harbingers like Jim Bakker are the reminders that all is not well within the multifaceted movement that is American evangelicalism.

When an evangelical icon such as Zacharias can fall so drastically from the evangelical firmament, clearly there are cultural and spiritual dynamics at work that require investigation.

CP has tasked three of our reporters, Michael Gryboski, Leah Marie Klett and Brandon Showalter to investigate the problem and possible causes and solutions with a broad cross section of the evangelical community. There are obvious factors that must be taken into consideration.

The crisis of leadership in American evangelicalism

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