UPDATED: Court Rules Texas Heartbeat Law Can Remain in Place While Litigation Continues



No surprise, this is Spiritual Warfare at its highest! Abortion must end! God’s babies must live! The killing must stop! PRAY TEAM JESUS FOR ABORTION TO END!

DOJ to ask Supreme Court to block Texas abortion law
The Justice Department says it plans to ask the Supreme Court to block Texas’s controversial abortion law hours after a federal appeals court ruled that the statute can remain in effect while it hears the Biden administration’s legal challenge.
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A federal court ruled against the Biden administration on Thursday and said Texas’ controversial heartbeat abortion law can remain in place while the Justice Department pursues its lawsuit against the state. The court’s ruling is not a final decision on whether the law is constitutional and could push it one step closer to the Supreme Court.. Here’s what you need to know. 

From Oct. 7th:

As America becomes increasingly post-Christian and individuals become increasingly divorced from God and the Church there is an urgent need for God’s people to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! It is a command from our LORD! Not a suggestion! The Church in America is failing! Look in the mirror! What are you doing? Time to stop playing Church and BE THE CHURCH!!! Pastor Dewey

I asked Ethel Maharg to give us her perspective on the Judge who has blocked the Texas Heartbeat Bill. Ethel is also a candidate for Governor of New Mexico, she is working very hard everyday for God’s babies. We have lived here since 1995 and Ethel is the most solid pro-life candidate ever to run for Governor of New Mexico in that time. Until New Mexico stops killing God’s babies we always will be in the muck of hell. I have prayed for years and years for the cloud of death be removed from New Mexico and all of America.


Ban of Texas Abortion Law


In a statement by Amy, Director of Communications for Texas Alliance for Life stated “This evening, Federal District Court Judge Robert Pitman issued a sweeping order blocking the Texas Heartbeat Act from being enforced. At the request of the Biden-Harris Administration, Judge Pitman issued an injunction preventing Texas judges and court clerks from processing and deciding cases in which citizens bring lawsuits against abortion providers or against individuals or organizations who fund or promote abortion. In this highly unusual move, Judge Pitman enjoined the entirety of the state’s judiciary from considering any cases under the law”.


The abortion industry is about to let go of their cash cow and will go to every measure possible to ensure their business remains intact. It does say at the request of Biden but make no mistake it is about money. It makes you wonder how much Judge Pitman was offered.


At least for a month some babies were saved, however many of those in Texas made their way to New Mexico to end the life of their baby. Maybe however for the first time in a long time, women actually had to stop and think about the life of their child. Maybe for the first time they thought of another alternative, like life, adoption, or any other life affirming choice. Maybe for the first time they realized that there was actually more than one choice named abortion.


It is interesting to note that the actions of just one man, in this case Judge Robert Pitman, can change the course of human history. This is discouraging; however, it should be inspiring to the one who will turn it all around. As you see, it could take only one. Could that one be you?


To all of this I continue to say that God Almighty is still in control, and He will guide us to end abortion in our land.

Ethel Maharg

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