Trouble in the Sheriff’s Run For Mayor of Albuquerque, for sure! My spirit is so very troubled with what is going on in Sheriff Gonzales’s campaign. I am troubled by most politicians and politics! With the battle that has developed between Mayor Keller and Sheriff Gonzales for the next Mayor of Albuquerque, FRAUD has entered this process. It should be very concerning to us all! Last night, three of my friends where talking about this and I said something like, “I cannot figure out why the Sheriff would do such a thing” One of my friends said bluntly, “He did it, its on paper.” All this makes me very, very sad for many reasons. With a County that is ravaged in crime, we now have corruption in the Sheriff’s run for Mayor. Such a bad example for all of us and our children. Many are quickly dismissing the case against the Sheriff, which seems to be this ‘new America’ we live in. Just think of the Capitol insurrection, the GOP wants to sweep it all under the rug, the greatest attack on our Capitol since 1812. Corruption is rampant in American politics on both sides of the aisle. I am greatly disturbed that ther GOP will not stand up and do what is right and get to the bottom of the Capitol insurrection, it continues to be a circus and now just wait till the hearings start headed up by Speaker Pelosi, it will get worse. The people will not be served by a circus. So this Mayor’s race in Albuquerque is turning into a circus with Keller and Gonzales throwing mud at each other, now the Sheriff has been caught doing something that his campaign should not have done. One more tidbit, Interesting that there is no Republican is running for Mayor of Albuquerque! To me, this shows how weak the GOP has become is in New Mexico. Most every Republicans I talk to say, the GOP needs new leadership, but Steve Pearce is still at the head, and the GOP keeps loosing. The GOP in New Mexico is underestimating the approval rating of Governor Lujan Grisham. (KOB TV POLL REPORTS 50% APPROVAL RATING FOR THE GOV) The GOP is the minority party in this state, they have to stop preaching to their own choir and reach out to Independents and the Dem voters. I am an Independent, because I think both parties are a mess. I will not be associated with such dysfunction, just like I would not be associated with a dysfunctional Church! JESUS has nothing to do with the dysfunction of the Dems and GOP, many are blinded by Satan. Treasure the solid politicians, they are a rarity. We have a core of them here in New Mexico, but they are a minority in our state and nation.

One more thing….The biggest challenge for the Republicans that are running for Governor of New Mexico is being the minority party and the lack of name recognition in the state. If they are to win they are going to have to get preaching to the Dems and Independents to swing voters over to their side. Preaching to the choir will not do it.

I am very tied of both parties, the have forgotten about the common man. See Jerry Stewart’s post below.

KOB TV Reports: Albuquerque’s City Hearing Officer Rip Harwood, “I reject the argument that ‘this happens in every campaign.’ It should not happen in any campaign, and I reject the corollary notion that some level of fraud and falsification is tolerable or OK,” Harwood stated. “In my view, the clerk has the right and duty to deny participating candidate certification whenever fraud or falsification is discovered, without the need to first quantify it.”

Good for Rip Harwood! It should not happen!

Albuquerque hearing officer denies Sheriff Gonzales’ appeal for public financing

Note From Pastor Dewey Moede: I shared Jerry’s message yesterday with the folks at Clayton, New Mexico Assembly of God! Everyone needs to hear this message from Jerry Stewart, such a great man of God! I have known Jerry for several years. Please share it with all your Pastor and friends! God Bless you all!

“Being A Fan Of America”

It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “God must surely love the common man. Why?” He said, “Because look how many of us he has made”. Now, some would try to tell us, and some have tried very hard to convince us, that the common man is, somehow, inferior or secondhand, or inadequate, but that’s not what the word “common” means at all.   Webster’s dictionary tells us that when it comes to mankind, “common” is “the general public, the standard, the masses, belonging to everybody”. And just what was our founding fathers definition of the common man?   “We the people – That’s who we are – “We the People”  But our great problem today in America, our great dilemma, is that some in America today believe that they are, somehow, better than us, that they, somehow, know better than us, that they are smarter than us, bigger than us, more able than us, and they want us to stay in some place, some silent place, while they have their way with us and our America.

But what must our response be to their plan? – these words: “No more!  No more standing by to let someone else set the tone,  no more standing by to let someone else set our standard,  no more standing by as they take us away from what so many before us have given their fortunes, their reputations, their very lives –  no more.” And just what is it that we want?  What do “We the People” want?  It’s actually quite simple.  We want to get back to an America of  common people, using common sense, to work together for a common goal, to stand on a common ground, and work to get our country back where it belongs – out of the hands of the few and into the hands of the common people – “We the People.” Now, some will try, some are trying to characterize us as some sort of fanatical mob looking to make trouble.  But here’s the truth – the trouble is already here in America – we’re already in trouble.  And what is our part in this trouble?  We have sat idly by and let it happen.  Regretfully, we have allowed our nation to be turned away from the simple, powerful ideals America was built upon, the ideals of truth and justice and law and fairness and self responsibility and independence and freedom and moral values; we have turned away from these ideals. And most important, we have allowed our nation to push away our single greatest ally – as a nation we have pushed away Almighty God. And I want Him back! I want our nation to follow just what our currency says – “In God We Trust” You Know, when we call someone a sports fan it’s supposed to be like a good thing – “He’s a great fan”. But did you know that this word “fan” comes from the word “fanatic”? That’s right – a fan is a fanatic.  So, let’s see, we can be a fan of sports, we can be a fan of movies, we can be a fan of music, we can even be a fanatic. But we can’t be a fan, a fanatic, for the cause to save our own nation?

That’s what’s gotten us into this whole mess.  We quit being a fan of our America.  “We the People” took our hands off the wheel, we’ve let someone else drive the train, we’ve let someone else steer the ship, and our nation is heading for the cliff, we’re steering right for the falls, and it’s almost over.     But just how did we get here? How did we get into this horrible mess?  It’s an ugly word – “apathy”.  Now, I know that we all know this word “apathy”, but do you know what it really means?  Follow this — the root word in “apathy” is “path”.  And when you have a path, you have a direction, you are going somewhere.  But put the letter “a” in front of any root word and it now means “lack of, null, void, no”.  So, apathy doesn’t mean you’re going down a wrong or different path – apathy means you have no path at all. You are so disinterested, so into yourself – that you don’t care to even have a path.  It’s a horrible, disgusting word.      And what makes it so disgusting is that it lays the blame of our problems on our America where?  Not in the hands of our politicians and leaders, where we want to lay the blame, it lays the blame on us, “We the people”. That pill is very hard to swallow – when we want the blame to fall on someone else – but instead it falls on us.

Makes me think of another word, another ugly word, with that same root word “path” – it’s the word “pathetic” – and when we are ruled by apathy we are pathetic. So, let someone say when it comes to my nation, America, when it comes to our future, when it comes to our nation, when it comes to our children, when it comes to our grandchildren –  Let them say that I am a fanatic – I’d better be. Say it, “I’m a fan of America. I will not apologize for being a fan of America. I will be fanatical – I will be a fanatic – because I, one of “we the people”, I want my America back. Are you with me? If so, contact me at this address, and I will tell you just how we take America back. And don’t stop praying.

May God bless America May God bless you

Jerry Stewart

Jerry Stewart is an author, a speaker, and a syndicated radio program producer. He and his wife, Kelly, have a network of over 400 radio stations all across America taking their feature programs. Jerry is heard each day on his “One Moment in America”, and his special patriotic holiday programs have been airing now for over 17 years. Jerry is a Christian who believes that America was born by God, and grown by God-fearing people who asked Him to help them grow it – and He did. But Jerry also believes that America as a nation has now turned its back on God, and that is why today we are in so much trouble and turmoil. He believes that without God directing and leading our America, we will/are losing our greatness. All of Jerry’s writings and commentaries are written to move you to a deeper walk, a deeper commitment, and to stir you to action. Do not miss what this man has to say.

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