They taught me to serve others, to put others before myself


Pictured at the very top is the wedding picture of Mom and Dad. Right above is the grave site of my Daddy and Mommy. The other photos are from our dear friend Janice Polk White. Dad served in WW II in China with the U.S. Marines, he was a SGT. Dad left high school at age 17 to fight for world freedom. After the war Dad came back to his home town of Windom, Minnesota and married Mom and became a volunteer firefighter, rising to become assistant chief, worked as a custodian at the high school before becoming the transportation director for the school district. Dad was for many years the head usher at the American Lutheran Church. Mom served as Dads right arm in everything he did, she also was head cook at the Winfair Elementary school at one time. Both Mom and Dad were dedicated to serving others at all times, they taught me to serve others, to put others before myself. It is a passion inside me to do as they did. The work ethic of my Mom and Dad sticks with me everyday. They worked hard, never making a lot of money, that was never important to them, serving God and people was their life’s mission. I am trying to live up to that heritage. Both Mom and Dad passed away at the young age of 64, Dad in 1993 and Mom in 1995. I miss them greatly. Money and fancy things were never important to them. They devoted their lives in serving God. Me and my sister and brothers had awesome role models!

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45. This is why I have a hard time with people making a lot of money off of Jesus, many do, it is why I have a hard time with massive, fancy buildings called Churches. I just shake my head at these massive structures and wonder why they do not open them up for the homeless??? They will have to answer for that. The world needs Mother Teresa’s, in the gutters of Calcutta serving the sick, getting their hands dirty for Jesus. We must be the hands and feet of our prayers. We need to get to work, Kingdom work! I get asked from time to time what I require for payment for a funeral or wedding or church service. I require nothing but my Lord, He is the provider for me and Sharon and the ministry He has entrusted us with. God has sent people to us that support us with love offerings so we can help those that do not have. Having been in Christian Radio and TV ministry I know the evils of money. Sharon and I don’t need fancy, we need our Lord more than ever. My role models drive used cars…live simple lives….their purpose is to serve JESUS and people. My daddy never owned a new car. Mom and Dad lived simply…my brother Dave and his lovely wife still live in the home we grew up in. The ‘JESUS CAR’ which I drive for ministry work is a 2006 Buick donated to us by Pastor Ruben and Lucy Gomez of Midland, Texas. Sharon’s car is a 2001 Toyota. A simple life enables one to keep his or her eyes on JESUS and not things of this world. We are thankful for those that give love offerings to FGGAM, they are the fuel to help us continue our work. As many have told us over the almost 9 years (In August of this year) here at FGGAM, we are like missionaries. God has surrounded us with a team of supporters! PTL! We are so very grateful for people like Pastor Ruben and Lucy that see us as worthy of their support. I pray that if God has blessed you financially you are supporting Biblically sound ministries. If not you, who?

One of my best friends in Windom when I was growing up was Roger Carey, even thou he was older than me, he worked with my Dad at the school. Roger would give me rides on his Honda 50 motorcycle. Roger wanted to join the Marines like my Dad had. Roger enlisted in the Vietnam War with the Marines and was killed in the war. I still can see Roger giving me rides on his motorcycle and sitting on his lap at the state high school basketball tournament as all the tickets were sold but they let me sit on Roger’s lap!!!!! Great memories! Roger also taught me lessons. He wanted to earn money for his family, they needed help, and he wanted to serve his country. Roger is pictured here, he gave all.

I preach JESUS because I want all children to have the growing up like I did under the roof of Christian parents and having awesome Church and Sunday school. I want children to have the love of JESUS and Christian parents. I want to help keep families together.

We here at FGGAM have so many wonderful writers, they preach to me! The recorded message I want to share with you is from a written message Pastor Jerry McCullah wrote. Pastor Jerry is a role model for me, I am so very thankful to have him in my life.

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