Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? What does that mean? Sometimes I am so filled with the Holy Spirit, I feel like I am going to explode!!!! Years ago i was introduced to the teachings of Chuck Swindoll. I feel he is one of the best Bible teachers ever created by God! I pray this teaching inspires you so very much!!! i want you to encourage you to google Chuck Swindoll and I would certainly recommend any of his books! Chuck has made me a better man and Pastor! PTL!


I don’t know of anyone who’s more magnetic or more attractive than an authentic Christian. The longer I live, the higher priority I place on authenticity. As an authentic believer, you live what you believe. You speak the truth. You love generously. You admit failure quickly. You acknowledge weakness without hesitation. Among our highest callings as Christian men and women is that we know who we are, we accept who we are and are who we are.

Are you? The absence of such authenticity explains why the world around us has stopped believing a lot of our claims. People have seen too much phoniness, which gives them good reason to question the authenticity of today’s Christianity.

What Does it Mean to be Filled with the Spirit By Chuck Swindoll

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