Good morning:  This is from the mission I served with in India-Central India Christian Mission / Director Ajai Lall.
We lift our prayers to our heavenly Father to heal the land of India.  We pray protection for the mission and all the wonderful health care workers.  Please oh Lord God give them strength and a miraculous cure for those suffering. In Jesus name.
“CICM: More Than Heartbreaking:
I am writing this today with a very broken heart.  The COVID situation in India is worse than it’s ever been in the history of the pandemic.  It is growing more and more out of control every day and it has reached a point where the leaders of our country have no idea what to do.  Currently, the reported amount of COVID cases is above 350,000 every day.  And these are just the reported numbers.  We know that the real situation is much  worse.  On top of this, there is a national shortage of medication, oxygen, medical equipment, and hospital beds.  Many people are being turned away without treatment.  This has led to many more deaths than are accurately being reported.  According to national news channels, there are around 25,000 people dying every day. Hardly any of these are being reported by the government.  There are mass graves and sites of cremation where people are waiting 8-12 hours “in line” in order to give their loved ones a proper funeral.  Even at hospitals all over the country, it is becoming very difficult for people to obtain the bodies of their dead relatives.
Just in the last week, there have been over 20 people that have died that we personally know from our churches and from our staff.  Because of all of this, it is more than heart-breaking for our people.
In the midst of all of this, our faithful medical staff at our CICM Hospital are serving 12-18 hours per day, risking their lives for the sake of the people in our community.  These 132 workers have truly become the hands and feet of Jesus in this horrible situation.  The hospital has become a shelter of hope in the middle of a very hopeless situation.  Our team continues to touch the people of our community with the love and healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ.
On behalf of our entire team, we want to thank you so much for all of your prayers and sacrificial gifts during this dark time.  Please continue to pray for the people of India and for the medical personnel all over our country.  We request you to continue to join us as we save the lives and souls of as many people as we can.  We can’t do this without you…” -Ajai Lall

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