February 18, 2021
Today’s Daily Devotional


“You were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold…but with the precious blood of Christ.”


I was talking to a man who sold real estate and asked him, “What determines the worth of a piece of property?”

He said, “What a person is willing to pay for it.”

In other words, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for it yourself. It’s what another person is willing to pay to have it for himself or herself.

That makes me want to shout! You and I must be worth something if Jesus would pay His life to have us for His own. Jesus is proof of how much we’re worth.


Do you know how much you weigh? Call a jeweler or a bank today and ask how much your weight is worth in gold. Then realize there’s no comparison to your worth in blood…the blood of Jesus Christ.

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Family Fun | Part 2

Psalm 128


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90 Seconds of Profound Truth

We Can Depend Upon God’s Word

We can depend upon God’s word. The Bible is not the book of the year; it is the Book of the Ages.

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