Pastor Dewey Moede Note: Over my years in Christian media and as a Pastor I have seen so many people get all fired up for JESUS and then when they experience difficulty they collapse and leave the Church…or ministries that start and then close up quickly…..or just sort of exist. This is a problem when folks are not listening to God. When we are close to God, we hear Him. Not in audio, but you hear Him, I hear Him everyday as I get up to serve, without talking and hearing from God I would be lost, I have no idea where I would be! My heartbreaks when I see someone start something and then faces tough times and then quits. YOU HAVE TO BE SURE GOD IS CALLING YOU INTO MINISTRY! THEN YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT IN YOUR MESSAGES AND NOT GO OFF ON RABBITT TRAILS! I have found that when I do not listen to GOD I fail! Make sure in all you do and say it is what God what’s you to say and do. Inconsistency is not a good testimony to the world.

God just gave me this example….Its like when some radio stations change their format every now and then….no consistency. I see it all the time. It messes up the listeners. How often do you change the format of your life? For the better or worse?


February 18, 2021

The Power of Consistency


Daniel 6

We live in a noncommittal world, where perseverance is all too rare. If a job is difficult or boring, people often think, Why not find another one? Or when a marriage becomes unhappy, many wonder, Should I be with someone else?

Sadly, this mindset is also found among believers. At the first sign of conflict, some Christians hop to another church instead of working through difficulties with their local body of believers. And when it comes to our personal walk of faith, many of us struggle to maintain a consistent quiet time with the Lord.

Daniel was a man of steadfast loyalty. Not even the awareness that he could be killed interfered with his practice of praying three times a day. Such commitment to the Lord was noted by others. Jealous officers and governors used Daniel’s consistency to trap him, but the king made a remarkable statement: “Your God whom you constantly serve will Himself deliver you” (Dan. 6:16). Apparently, he believed Daniel’s devotion would be the key to the young man’s deliverance

Daniel’s victory in the lion’s den led to great influence, as it inspired the king’s decree to worship the Lord. Have you considered that the Lord was able to use him because of his unwavering obedience and worship? Imagine what God can do with you when you also commit yourself to Him.

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