Our Heavenly Father we come to you on behalf of two states.  First, we pray for strength, comfort and solutions for the state of Texas.  So many were affected by the frigid temperatures, frozen pipes causing homes to suffer, lack of water, destruction to septic systems, and problems with entire city water systems.  We pray for your strong right hand to give them peace and especially patience as so many are dealing with these horrendous problems.  We also come before you on behalf of those folks in southern Louisiana who are still trying to rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Laura.  In my home town, Lake Charles, La, the multi story bank building still has hundreds of windows still boarded up.  Thousands of homes still have blue tarps on their roofs waiting on insurance and contractors.  So Heavenly Father as your word states, “when one suffers we all suffer”, we come together united in spirit to pray for those who are suffering so.  Please give them comfort, encouragement and patience in the midst of their suffering.  We pray that you will heal our land physically and spiritually.  We ask all this in the name that is above every name our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.

The picture of water damage is from Pastor Tony Evans headquarters in Dallas.

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