Western United States Plagued with Fires



As I write concerning fires destroying land and homes in my home state of California, it is important to note that there are multitudes of massive fires burning in the West.  The following states are also being barraged by fires: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and even in Nevada.  The thought of man-power and costs just to fight the fires is staggering, but then there are the losses of property, homes and lives which cause one to fall to his knees before God for Mercy and Grace.

In trying to give an update on California fires, understand that everything, and every number, that I share will change for the good or the bad even as you are reading.

As of approximately two hours ago, it was reported that a total of 367 fires were burning in California, with 23 considered to be major wildfire events, resulting in massive consequence.   It is thought that many of these fires to have been ignited by nearly 11,000 lightening strikes in these past few days of storm patterns.

Cal Fire has estimated the loss of more than 300,000 acres, which says nothing of homes lost and person displaced as a result.  This writer feels this may be proven to be a low estimate of acres burned, as the Lake Fire alone in my mountain and valley communities has burned 25, 948, with only 38% containment as of a couple of hours ago.

One thing for certain, the Western States, in these events, need God’s help, and to obtain that we the people of these Western United States must get closer to Him in heart and soul.  Come on friends, Pray On!


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