A Prayer For The Drought in the Southwest


Our Dear Sister in Christ Kay Lawrence, who lives in Colorado, leads us in prayer.:

Oh Lord God, we appeal to your mercy. It is as high as the sky and as wide as the whole earth! You created each of us and you know our needs. You know how desperate the drought is here in the Southwest – our ranchers and farmers are running out of irrigation water. Wildfires are raging out of control with no rain in sight to put them out. God-over-all, have mercy on us and send drenching rains again and again to reverse the drought in the Southwest. Please Father express to us your compassion – not because we deserve it but because you are a merciful compassionate God. Save us Lord, for we have no one else we can turn to! Science cannot save us, government cannot save us, humanism cannot save us, only YOU have the power and authority to send rain. We are bold to implore you for the great gift of rain because we have experienced your kindness and generosity in the past. We humbly ask for You to send rain Lord, and for Your kindness we promise to praise and thank you publicly to our friends and neighbors and in the community, to let everyone know how great and GOOD you are! We wait expectantly Lord, for we trust you with our whole heart.


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