UPDATED: Small Businesses Are Dying By The Thousands — And No One is Tracking The Carnage



Going dark in the radio station business means signing off the air. It is extremely hard for a station to ever go back on the air once this happens. It has been years since the Chama, New Mexico radio station went dark and there is a movement to bring it back but the red tape is deeper than the ocean. The station I started at KGCX in Sidney, Montana went dark several years ago because of a family feud and never went live again. So very sad. I will say this that the Soccorro, NM radio is one station that went dark and came back after a battle.

The COVID shutdown is costing America so very much, lives, lost businesses, lost dreams and hopes, people losing their jobs, anxiety, suicides etc…. the states rule over the Church for heavens sake! Now Los Alamos, NM is losing its community involved radio station. I see no end of the governor ruling over all. The financial disaster continues in New Mexico and all over America. Maybe we all should move to South Dakota the land of the free and brave!

I talk to a lot of people every week. Many, the majority who are Republicans are upset with the Republican Party of New Mexico. I talked talked to a man in Quemado today who said and I quote, “The Republican party in New Mexico has become so weak.” I also talked to a lady who once lived in New Mexico and she said, “The GOP in New Mexico needs new leadership.” Yesterday I talked to a man from rural Grants who is extremely frustrated with the GOP leadership. It seems that here in New Mexico we are stuck in the mud as the governor has her way. The GOP better wake up! At least show us some gumption!!! Simple news releases and Facebook posts don’t cut the mustard! The people in this state are losing hope. Also your Billboard campaign is useless. If the GOP has any money they should go on the offensive with huge TV and Radio buys. I see no effective campaigning going on. What happened to Ronchetti ? I see no ads for him. He is going to be defeated. Once again the GOP does not put cash behind their candidates.

Financial strain brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has claimed a true community-focused radio station with variety KRSN Los Alamos, NM (1490) set to go dark by the end of the month.

COVID Financial Strain Forces Community-Focused KRSN To Go Dark.


Here in New Mexico we have had over 200 restaurants close during the COVID pandemic, other businesses also have lost their life savings, their dreams, many have lost their jobs, many buildings are empty, and the shutdown continues here in New Mexico. Resurants are not allowed to do in-service dining. The governor has shut the door on the Churches, we are still at just 25% of capacity, that is a crime. During this horrible time, the worst in my lifetime, THE WHOLE CHURCH, THE BODY OF CHRIST IS NOT ALLOWED TO FULLY GATHER! THE STATE IS CONTROLLING THE CHURCH!!!!!!! Never in my worst dreams thought this would happen in my lifetime! I was talking to a Vietnam Vet yesterday, he lives in New Mexico, he said everything that he fought for, our freedoms, are being taken away quickly. He also suffers from disabilities like many of our Vietnam heroes. He is very heart stricken by what is going on in New Mexico and America. NO END TO THIS MADNESS IN SIGHT!!!! He wondered where the Pastors are in this battle?

The governor controls the Church. I love this quote from Andy Mason:

Andy Mason

It was said by Mordecai to Queen Esther. Her people were about to be exterminated and she could have sat quietly and comfortably protected by title and privilege. Mordecai challenged her, “What if you were born for a such a time as this? You can speak up and use your privilege to help your people… OR God will cause help to come from another source.” (See the book of Esther in the Bible). What about today? When things get hot and volatile and risky, do you hide behind your privilege and pretend you cannot see or hear… or do you go all in, knowing ‘you were born for such a time as this!’

Small businesses are dying by the thousands — and no one is tracking the carnage
Big companies are going bankrupt at a record pace, but that’s only part of the carnage. By some accounts, small businesses are disappearing by the thousands amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and the drag on the economy from these failures could be huge.

Read in Bloomberg: https://apple.news/AJkvUSTWCSZOKi-DptkHmUw

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