Happy Birthday Sister Shari Johnson! Woman of God! PTL! AMEN!


Yesterday was Sister Shari Johnson’s birthday…..I have bee praying to the Lord as to what to write about my Dear Sister in Christ. The Lord gives me the words as I pray before I write anything. I celebrate the life of Shari everyday. We all should do a better job of affirming each other.

Shari Johnson has been a godsend to me and Sharon and the ministry of FGGAM. From the get go she has been all in with the mission that God has given us to show His light to one person at a time. We both have small ministries in the eyes of man but large ministries in the eyes of God as He guides these ministries, FGGAM and Shari’s ‘Jesus Chick’ ministry. Many do not know how hard it is to operate a small ministry. Many take us for granted. Shari knows all this and has thrown much support to FGGAM through her postings and artistic work, creating banners for us. All the banners you see on Facebook and in opur posts are created by Shari, we are so ever

One of the greatest gifts Shari has given us is traveling to Windom, Minnesota for our “House of Hope” Revival’s and coming last year to New Mexico to hold Revivals. She never batted an eye, she just answered the call from West Virginia and came. On her trip to New Mexico she brought with her, a wonderful woman of God, Gloria Walker Jones! These two our a power team for JESUS!

Shari is all sold out for God, I see it. I pray for more Christians to have the commitment to God and His Word like Shari. Shari has been such a wonderful testimony to me and Sharon on how to do ministry, be all sold out for God.

Shari is very, very humble and she will be embarrassed about this post! LOL! Sharon and I love you so very much Shari! God Bless you and Dave and your entire family and ministry. Sharon and I would ask you to pray about a love offering to Shari’s ministry. Please click on the ‘Jesus Chick’ link below.

The Jesus Chick Website

What Makes a Woman Strong

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