Prayers For California! DEVASTATION! Fires Have Burned Nearly 1 Million Acres!!!



California wildfires among largest in history as state asks Australia and Canada for help
Blazes have burned more than 900,000 acres as resources are stretched thin, with at least 100,000 displaced

Read in The Guardian:

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I awake early every morning to report the news from a Biblical perspective….the Lord shows me and speaks to me through His word. I see the devastation in California, I was a firefighter back in the 80’s, these men and women risk their lives fighting these fires. Albuquerque Fire and Rescue has sent Firefighters and two trucks to California to help. There is a shortage of Firefighters and equipment to fight these monster fires. Then overnight we learn of the bomb threats to Federal Buildings in Portland. So many Mayors and Governors are cowards in these dark days. We have become a lawless nation, as I have written and spoken about for YEARS! Iowa is still a long way from recovering from the horrific storm they suffered, now we have hurricanes coming toward the United States. Very troubling times indeed. We as Americans are facing these horrific events with no money in the bank, we are broke, the Federal Deficit is way out of control, when the politicians say they are going to send us money, its really monopoly money, play money. We have not been good stewards of our gifts from the Lord. We got too ‘fat and sassy’ or as we used to say back home, ‘too big for our own britches’ This is not a Republican or Democrat problem, it is an AMERICAN PROBLEM. More importantly we are in Spiritual warfare. Politics is helping destroy America. JESUS IS THE ANSWER! AMEN!

As massive Northern California fires spread, threats of more lightning loom
As unpredictable flames raged across the Bay Area Friday, exhausted firefighters and evacuated residents settled in for what promises to be a long fight in the days and weeks ahead.

Read in The Mercury News:

Let us pray………

Gracious Father, California burns again, and we desperately need You to act on behalf of panic stricken people. Please be the protector of life in these dreadful seasons of life.   I thank You LORD, that You have chosen and gifted people who behave in life as our first responders; these being firemen, policemen, medical helpers of every specialty. Please give them much supernatural courage and protection in their courage. Calm their hearts so that they may function as they have been trained to the best of their abilities.

I ask that You might give favor to those whose homes are in harm’s way. It would be a glorious act if You would save homes along with the many people. And, Father, my heart goes out to all the children. They will have more than enough fear of their own without also taking on the panic of their parents and other adults.   We rest in Your divine loving care, In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Thank you Pastor Jerry, we love you so very much!

We are so very thankful for Pastor Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque for leading us in prayer for California. So much of the state is on fire and so many people are without power. This morning I am praying and weeping over California, we have family and friends there. Sharon’s Mom and Brother and Sister and their families live in Elk Grove which is next door to Sacramento.
Prayer for California
Lord, as we hear the news that there are nine severe wildfires in California and now that over a million people are without power, our hearts break for all of those affected by this horrible tragedy. Wrap Your loving arms around all those affected by the fires: Families, Individuals, Firefighters, First Responders and Rescue Workers. Give the firefighters favorable weather as they fight the fires. Protect them and the homeowners as they secure their homes and evacuate their properties and businesses. Reassure everyone of Your peace, power and presence as they process their pain and emotions. We pray that there not be any loss of life and that people will be able to return to their homes quickly along with their electrical power. Give wisdom and direction to the leaders directing the firefighters and the First Responders. We pray these and many more things in Jesus name, Amen


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