Our Freind Dewey Moede


This is our friend, Dewey Moede with Dorothy and I, who 8 years ago along with his wife Sharon, founded, For God’s Glory Alone Ministries, an online daily source of news and inspiration from a Christian worldview that reaches all over the world. But Dewey does a lot more than that. He also is a wonderful preacher with a ministry in Reserve, NM and other points all along the way. He also performs weddings, counseling, prayer and even jogs three miles a day in the foothills near his home to stay in shape. Pretty good for a guy in his 60’s wouldn’t you say? Dewey was also responsible for my spending over six years on KKIM Radio, when he was the Station Manager. As you know, these are difficult times for many nonprofit ministries. If you are able, please donate to Dewey’s ministry. Just go to his web page at FGGAM.org. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, dear friends. God bless.
— Pastor Don

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