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When I tell people that it’s a struggle to stay focused, I’m not sure they understand the depth of the struggle. I can start out with the greatest of intentions of writing a blog, 3 minutes later I’m writing a song, but before it’s done I’ve thought of a media banner, or an instagram post, or perhaps there’s a load of laundry calling my name. Or like now… the beds unmade and it’s bothering me. I kid you not. And that’s not a random occurrence of a thought pattern. That’s every day, all day. I struggle. When I wasn’t working (in the secular world), I laminated a list of daily chores to keep me on track. But now my chore list just has to get done the best it can because my at home hours are less. Which has been another burden on my soul. The ministry work has suffered so I can pay bills. Bills I created… ugh. Well, that’s depressing. So this blog thought has been a few days in the making. In the midst of all that hoopla that I just mentioned I’ve lost five of the ten chickens we just bought to a dumb racoon, and had to coon proof my coop. Which took two days of serious labor, but its done and the coon was live trapped last night. The same coon I was ready to knock in the head myself, but this morning when I looked at it’s cute little face in the trap, I made David take it to work with him and let it loose by the river bank. I’m too tender hearted.

Wow…. that’s a lot of info. Welcome to my world.

Now, for My Jesus Agenda. It’s a three point agenda as mentioned in the artwork above. The first of which is to:

Speak Jesus with Clarity
It’s seems to be an issue the world has a problem with right now. We have to speak Jesus in a round about way that won’t offend their poor little souls. The same souls that are headed down the path to Hell on a wide road. But nobody’s worried about that. Well except me. And thousands of other ministry people who try their best to speak the word of God clearly and correctly. But the trouble is. There are far more in the ministry catering to this world and not speaking speaking the Word of God with enough truth so that they can understand salvation. Which is sad, because the plan of Salvation isn’t complex! Neither is knowing how to live after salvation if you read and study the word of God. But we’re not raising Christians to feel the need to study on their own. They want someone to spoon feed them the gospel one day a week, (if that) and then when they are fed, to make sure it’s not any rougher consistency than mashed potatoes so they don’t struggle to swallow.

Wow, I feel like I may have just unloaded my wagon on you.

Clarity is my goal, so I guess I’m not mincing words or mashing potatoes today. Rather than getting caught up in any theological debate, I just want to tell you about Jesus. From Genesis to Revelation, I want to help the world (and myself) know the God of all Creation, and the God Who is coming to take us home, better.

Agenda point number 2:

Stand Firm in His Authority
Another struggle I have is remembering that it’s not my words I’m speaking. It’s the Word of God. And if people don’t like it, that’s their problem.

I was listening (again) to the Glenn Beck program on BlazeTV and he spoke to Dennis Prager, the founder of Prager University, an online information source. Lots of great content on it. But during the interview, Mr. Prager said of the 10 commandments, regarding the 3rd of which is “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain,” that it means in Hebrew “to carry the name of the Lord.” In your life, how do you represent God? That gave me a serious think time on the law, and a deeper gratitude for grace. But in the process of his defining of the deeper meaning, there was a point when I, who’s think tank is much more shallow than Mr. Pragers, was grateful for the lesser amount of knowledge that I have. Mr. Prager said that there are those who in religion teach the commandments, they teach the third commandment as meaning saying OMG is the unpardonable sin. Well, of course it’s not. The unpardonable sin is not accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. And while I’m grateful for the wisdom he imparted to me about “carrying” the name of the Lord, nothing ever justifies speaking irreverently the Lord’s name. When people cuss, they’re not always taking the Lord’s name in vain, I don’t necessarily think they’re headed to Hell, but it sure doesn’t make me think of Heaven. That’s why I started the “stop the cussing campaign, that I need to get back at. But for now there’s a far greater evil in the world than a few cuss words I’m not comfortable hearing.

Our people are going to Hell. And partly because God’s people don’t take our job of being “Christian” serious.

Mr. Prager is Jewish. He is well versed on countless religions, but knowing religion doesn’t mean you know Jesus. I know Jesus. And that makes me a lot smarter than a lot of really intelligent people. It also makes me a lot more powerful than a lot of people. You too. But are we walking in the wisdom that the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ is upon us? Good question right?

Agenda point number 3:

Serve the Lord with Gladness
Psalm 100:2

Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

King David was not the apple of God’s eye without reason. He loved the Lord, He communed with the Lord, He sought the wisdom of the Lord and He worshipped the Lord. Serving God was not a part of His life, it was His life. He was human, he made mistakes, but when He was in tune with God, He was a happy man.

That’s the secret, although it’s not really a secret, to the success of a child of God, be it in the secular world or the spiritual world. Be in tune with God. My happiest days are days that His word encourages my soul and His Spirit fills me up to overflowing. My saddest days are the days when I let the world consume my thoughts and turn the Spirit off like a water faucet. Remember my focus issues. Yep. How many happy days and how many sad days do you think I have. If I’m honest, I have way more sad days than I should. Because this world and all it’s chaos has gotten my mind off the Jesus Agenda.

Time to make a new list of daily priorities.

How about you? What’s on your Agenda?

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