Nightmare Continues: Another Restaurant Closes in Albuquerque, Museum in Ghost Town Remains Shutdown!

Horrible! Where do you draw the line on this shutdown???? It is costing many people their livelihoods! I am all about safety and saving lives! But there has got to be a better balance in this whole mess! Last week ‘The Range Cage’ closed on Menual! It is like the people in New Mexico are getting it from all sides from this shutdown. Some will never recover. I had prayed Governor Lujan Grisham would meet with the GOP on this shutdown, but it was the Lujan Grisham and Egolf road show during the Special Session. Call on God people! I have called the Governors office, no return call from her or an assistant even thou I WAS PROMISED A CALL BACK!
The people of New Mexico are being held hostage.
When I was in Mogollon, NM, photos at top, on Sunday after preaching at FBC in Glenwood, we went all the up the mountain to Mogollon, some call it a ghost town, but there are people living there…….the Governor has the Mogollon Museum locked down! IN A GHOST TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness, its what? 7 miles??? up the mountain on a one lane very bumpy road!!! Catron County has had two cases of COVID-19 in all this time and the County is still on the same restrictions of the counties that have many cases! This gives me a headache!!!!! Sometimes when I am doing the news now I just cannot believe some of the things I am reporting on!!!!!!I want to add that I had such a wonderful time in Mogollon, such a beautiful village and the scenery is AWE OF GOD!!! SO MUCH HISTORY!!! My freind Gale and his lovely wife Kathryn and granddaughter Carley too me up there and we had luch and Galew shared so much history of the area with me! Mogollon has a Fire Dept. with one member!

Historic Garcia’s Kitchen Downtown Albuquerque Closing!

It is with a heavy heart that we announce we will be closing our beloved first location at 4th & Mountain Rd. Sunday, July 5, will be the last day to dine. Do you have a favorite memory from 4th and Mountain.

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Range Cafe Closes

House GOP Leader Jim Townsend issued the following statement today regarding the Governor signing HB1 at the close of business, the day before the budget year begins.
“It’s the Governor’s overspending that’s left us in a financially vulnerable position. Thousands of New Mexicans are out of work yet Hollywood and Santa Fe bureaucrats are still getting paid. The Governor is social distancing from reality. – House Republican Leader Jim Townsend, Artesia

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