Who’s Will?



This is not written to insight argument or debate, nor is it anything more than stating my position as I see it today.

I fear much of we Christian’s prayers and actions are leaning toward “My will be done” rather than “Thy will be done.”

Beloved, I will stand my American patriotism against anyone’s.  I love this country and what it has stood for, leading up to and including all of my life. However, my patriotism must be, and is, always overridden by my Father’s will by my choice.  I would rather be right in His sight than simply think I am right in my sight, and in my patriotism.

In our present situation, I am more willing to stand alone believing “Be still, and know that I am God”, than to stand with a few who stand merely on constitutional rights.   I love our constitution and what it affords genuine citizens of this great land, but when I became born again, and under good discipleship, I “died to self”, and this renewed daily.   I gave up all my rights that I might, “Trust in the LORD with all my heart, and lean not on my own understanding, in all my ways acknowledge Him”, while waiting upon Him to clearly direct my path.

So, I “wait upon the LORD”, knowing that His ways are not my ways, and His thoughts are far higher, much deeper, and more vastly reaching to the effectual working out of His will.

As a result of all the praying that took place, specifically May 1st to May 7th (NDP) and beyond, (I was part of many shared group experiences in prayer worldwide), I have sensed that God was in the beginnings of another Great Awakening; I still do!   I am praying, seeking His face, and trying to not get ahead of Him; or in any way help Him to do it my way.   I do not want my actions to be motivated by impatience on God’s timing or plan of action.  I have prayed for this Awakening since about ’92; let us not mess it up with lesser kingdom agendas, but fully rest (trust) in His Kingdom agenda.

Beloved, when God releases a full Spiritual Awakening here, one of two things will result from the move of the Spirit:    1. He will either remove evil persons from political power (any way He wants to), or    2.  His Spirit will change the hearts of evil men and women everywhere unto salvation.

Church, be the Church.   Pray.   Seek His Face.   Turn from wickedness.

Trust Him.   Wait upon Him.   Pray On! 

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