Mama’s Cookies


I was asked to write something for Mother’s Day and am always glad for a chance to honor mine.  I can almost see her in the kitchen, an apron tied around her waist and a skillet in her hand.  There was always something boiling, a pot of pinto beans or just water in the kettle. My favorite times were when she baked cookies…nothing special, no chocolate chips, nuts or raisins…just a simple recipe she threw together from memory whenever she could to give us a treat.

When I grew up and was trying to put together a recipe box of my own, I asked Mama for her cookie recipe and many other dishes that only she could make.  Her chicken dressing and potato salad were my favorites so I wanted to be able to make them myself someday.  We started with the cookies and years later I wrote the following poem about my memory of that day.  I titled it ‘Mama’s Cookies.’  Hope you enjoy it.

Mama was the best at baking.  Her cookies can’t be beat.

I asked her for her recipe for these special, tasty treats.

“Well, you start with some flour,” she said.

“How much,” I asked, “do you use?”

“Oh, I don’t know…a cup, maybe two.”

“A few pinches of salt will probably do.”

“How much is a pinch?” I fretted.  “How do I write that down?”

“Oh, ’bout half a teaspoon, I recon.

And some baking powder…then stir it around.”

“Baking powder, how much do we need?”

“Oh, a little dab, but not too much.

A cup or so of sugar, more or less…”

“But, how much is a dab?”  I’d never heard of such!

“I guess a heaping teaspoon would be about right.

And half a cup of shortening, an egg and vanilla too.”

“Let me guess…a dab!”  We’d be here all night.

“No,” she smiled.  “A smidgen…5 or six drops should do.”

Whatever your memories of your mother are today, I hope they are good, bring you peace and put a smile on your face.  For those who have recently lost your Moms, I know this day is hard.  Try to remember the good times and just know she loved you the best she could.  Take time to honor her memory and be thankful.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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